Today’s Calendar - always visible?

I like to see always the "Today’s Calendar“ (right column, via Command-T). But after starting Agenda it disappeared again. Command-T brings it back but it would be nice to keep the same state as when closing the Agenda.

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It should normally do this and remember the state. It sounds like a corrupt preferences issue. Does restarting your Mac solve the issue?

My calendar does not show when Agenda is started at all. Once I invoke it with Cmd-T, however, it persists until I toggle it closed. When I quit Agenda (with the Calendar invoked) starting Agenda does not show it until you hit cmd-T. This is consistent, design-wise with Omnifocus for instance, that has an “inspector” on the right side of it’s screen. When started, it doesn’t show unless you invoke it, but then stays there until you dismiss it. So, Agenda is consistent with that particular paradigm.

@kkathman: In Omnifocus - if the „inspector“ is shown it pops up also after restarting the OF again.
I think as the calendar option is an important part of Agenda it should be always visible if the user like to have it visible always.

Is this question about whether the right column is shown on launch (ie related info)? That should indeed be set to be open if you had it open before. If it is closing between launches, that is very likely an issue with the preferences. Clearing the preferences file and relaunching the Mac should help.

If the question is about what date is shown on the calendar there, that is updated based on your selection. When you select a note, the date of that note becomes the date that the calendar shows. So it should default to Today when there is no selected note, but as soon as you select a note, it will go to the date of that note.

Yes, at launch the panel itself is not visible.
Later I try to fix it by deleting the prefs and restrating.

A restart did not bring up the right column at launch. SO I would like to delete the prefs … but where do I find the prefs file?

To remove the preferences file:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  3. Enter this exactly
  4. Drag com.momenta.agenda.macos.plist to the Trash.
  5. Restart the Mac.

I have the same problem. Deleted the preferences file, restarted the mac but the problem persists.

Yes, same here, deleting prefs & restart -> problems persists.

What I realized now: Also the window size is set to the predefinded size (?) after restarting.
Interesting: The app stores the Community window size and uses it after the restart.

Hmm, just to confirm, you are on the latest version of the app, correct?

I use 2.1.1. (App store). Maybe I should try the download version!?

That is the newest. Changing to the web site version would not help. They are almost the same.

Does the following help:

  1. Quit Agenda if running
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder
    Enter this exactly
  3. Drag the folder Saved Application State to the Trash.
  4. Start Agenda

Hi Mekentosj, I delete this folder (was empty), but no changes, the problem perpsits.
I tested the same with the left column (projects/categories) - here it works as it should (visible at launch when visible at quit and not visible at launch when nit visible at quit).

Thanks for the follow up. I have a suspicion what it could be, can you let me know if the next update still shows the problem?

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Of course. I try to remember to inform you about the result.

Hello! I just updated and it is still not working. Just to clarify, I want the calendar/right sidebar to show up every time I open Agenda. Currently I still have to go to ‘view’ and then ‘show today’s calendar’. If I open the calendar, I wish for it to stay on the right sidebar until I decide to hide it.


It is usually caused by a problem with preferences. If you quit Agenda, then completely restart your Mac, it should be fixed. After that, changing the sidebar, and quitting, should be properly stored.

Also make sure you have our latest update (2.2).