Time Stamp Feature

No updates other than that we know what we’d like to introduce, there’s a bunch of higher priority things in the queue ahead of it though.

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yep, automator is the way to go…. works cross platform too!

Hi @Steve_Kelly, can you share how you did this? I tried running a script and it did not work. Thanks

install this app https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/wordservice/id899972312?mt=12 then access via Keyboard/ services in settings. simple!

+1 vote for this even though it’s been a year!

+1 for a time stamp please!

Hello, some news about this functionality….?
It is very important with every(hour)day working with notes in Agenda….
I vote for it strongly….thnx :wink:

No news yet, we have something in mind but it’s still a bit out as other items have a higher priority i’m afraid. In the mean time this post offers some alternatives:

Looking forward to a simple time stamp! (Don’t want the TextExpander bells and whistles, and endless updates)

Got a really frustrating use case at the moment. Trying to get a response from a large company, which is involving seemingly endless telephone calls and left messages that don’t get a response. I want to keep track of who I spoke to when, but it would be overkill and confusing, to open a new note each time just to type “left message for Jack John re the thing” or “receptionist said Jack John has left, not yet been replaced” etc.

Yeah, I really would like to have a timestamp feature as well. The other app that use for notes, Bear App, has this feature and I use it all the time. If Agenda had this feature it would definitely be a big plus.

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As a workaround, I use the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve got one which expands to #created(today) . Works on MacOS and iPad. You end up with a tag with the appropriate date.

Hi Chris

Could you please share how you do this? I’m familiar with Keyboard > Text in MacOS/iOS, but I don’t see how to create a relative date.


Same here!

"#created (today)” is a special tab that Agenda recognizes in a note, and automatically expands it with the appropriate date. You can use it directly - type it in - but since it’s a bunch of characters to type, I use the MacOS and iPadOS keyboard shortcuts feature to make it easier on my fingers. The shortcut gets expanded, and then interpreted in an Agenda note.

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Ah! Thanks.

After a bit of experimentation I’ve discovered this is exactly what I need! I sometimes need to keep a record of my contact with a client or stakeholder. If it’s a substantive contact it merits its own note - eg a record of a meeting.

But often, it’s a single note to keep track of my attempts to call someone, or to summarise an ongoing ‘conversation’, eg called X, Y said he’s on leave until Monday; called X today, left voicemail; X called said he can’t help, speak to Z.

Followin Chris’s prompt I’ve realised I can now create tags for this situations:

#called(today) #emailed(yesterday) etc

In fact it can be #anything(today)!

I’ll now create relevant shortcuts in Keyboard prefs - thanks!

As far as a DATE stamp, this solves it for me. But a TIME stamp would be cool - all it would take would be for #tag(time) or #tag(now) to expand to DATE&TIME.

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#anything(today)” — wow, now I learned something! Thanks!!!

We all just saved $40 a year we can put towards Agenda….

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Great tip, and indeed you can use it for many different situations. Regarding the time stamp feature, we still have some ideas coming in a future update of Agenda that will make this possible. Now we just need to find the time to get to it…

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Hi, is it any news for time stamps for this year?

Really need this feature (for TIME stamp only and for both TIME & DATE stamp)

Good news, it’s already there: Creating and Using Templates and Actions. You can type \date, \time, or \now to insert a timestamp. Plus, the link above shows you how to you can further tweak the format to your liking.