Tiling windows on Mac

This is a Mac issue rather than Agenda directly, but…

Utilities that tile and resize application windows don’t play nice with Agenda.

So I’m trying to get to grips with the built in version on Mac. It seems impossible!

I tile Agenda to the left of the screen. But when I put the cursor in the window, Agenda goes full screen. It’s driving me crazy!

Can anyone help?

Are you sure it’s doing anything different than it should? For me it does the same thing for Agenda as for any other app.

You’re right! That’s why I said it’s a Mac issue! I realise this is an Agenda forum, but if anyone can explain to me how to tile windows natively on a Mac, (Big Sure), I’d be really grateful!

fwiw I use Divvy and have never experienced the sorts of problems you describe.

I am using Magnet and it works fine with Agenda.

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I use Rectangle App and it works well.

Interesting that these apps work properly for some people. Unfortunately Agenda with Magnet is flaky for me.

After resizing the Agenda window I sometimes find, either/or:

  • The top couple of lines of the active note have disappeared from view
  • Lots of “white space” at the end of the note (looks like extra lines, but no actual returns)

Putting the cursor in the note, moving it with the arrow keys up into the hidden text, sometimes works, sometimes typing new text helps. Otherwise restarting Agenda solves it.

I can’t reproduce the problem consistently, it’s intermittent. I have a feeling that it happens most often when I rapidly use keyboard commands in quick succession to:

  • Move / resize the Agenda window (with Magnet)
  • Hide Agenda’s left and right sidebars

From what you describe there’s a good chance it should work better after the 13.1 update is out, let us know if that’s indeed the case.