Magnet truncates notes, does Moom?

It turned out that Magnet (third party window tiling app) was sometimes truncating my notes (reported here.) I reported the problem to but have received no response.

Moom is a similar app. Does anyone know if it works properly with Agenda?

I frequently need to have Agenda on half my screen and another app beside it. The native Mac way of doing this is a total pain. Magnet is wonderful apart from truncating notes, forcing me to faff around with Agenda to see the full note again. I’d love to find a working alternative!

I use Moom and I’m having similar truncating or resizing effects on notes as you describe it.

But… this seems to be an Agenda bug though, since it can also be reproduced using MacOS fullscreen tiling features. Although I can’t think of any other app I’ve installed that shows similar problems using Moom.

@mekentosj You thought before (in the thread linked above), that this was a Magnet issue. Seems like it might be a bit more complicated!

We’ll have a look. @markus2 can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe?

Hi @mekentosj,

I created a video that shows the dynamics:

Please see how the first note is selected when Agenda gets fullscreen maximized. You can spot additional space that’s get added to the note below the image (this additional space gets added to all notes btw.).After leaving fullscreen, the note(s) get truncated. You can see this, because the image is not visible anymore.

Hope that helps,

P.S. I can provide you with a link to the full resolution video on request.

Thanks, that’s helpful, we’ll have a look.