Themes (light/dark)

I’m missing themes, at least one dark theme.


I can understand why a dark theme would take some time to implement, but would it at least be possible to put together a “Solarized Light”-type theme so that the main window isn’t blinding white?


Actually, here are two different ideas for a light theme that wouldn’t require redesign of the icons:

  • A version in which the “active note” color is the basic background.
  • A version that uses light blues and greens instead of yellows, reds and oranges.

Thanks both for your feedback, we indeed plan to both add more customisation options for the text editor (font size, font choice, etc) and possibly also a dark theme if there’s enough demand (we’ll start with customisation first most likely).


Dark Theme demand counter +1 :smiley:


That’s great to hear. Customisation would be more valuable to me for Markdown/HTML and PDF export than for using the app itself. But I’d expect that if you get one, you’d get the other(s).

+1 on the Dark Theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Dark Theme +1 !!! How do I buy more votes? :grin:


Most defintely +10 here!

Actually, it’s pretty much a deal breaker for me personally. I would already have fully committed to Agenda if there would have been a Dark Theme. A confirmation that this feature is coming would be enough for me to migrate everything to Agenda.

I hope you will strongly consider a Dark Theme. I do believe it is a very popular and important feature.

And I love the non-subscription decision.

Fantastic work on Agenda!

  • 1 for the dark theme, of some sort.
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  • 1 for dark Theme
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Dark theme option (like in Omnifocus) would be great!

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Yes!! Dark theme option would be grate! +1 from my side :relaxed:

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++Demand for dark theme.

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+1 for dark theme

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Yet another +1!

If there’s a way we could help design/develop this let us know!

Thanks for the offer, it’s still high on our list, but just to be transparent, we do have other items on the list that we consider to be of higher priority like the iOS app (almost done, but a release on a new platform always takes some time to stabilise), and support for inline images and attachments. It’s not likely we’ll ship a dark theme before those are done.


One thought on the dark theme:

Overcast app for iOS has a similar light theme as Agenda’s. Perhaps Agenda could use the color scheme from Overcast for ideas for its dark theme.

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+1 for dark / simple json themes. A dark theme would be a very good choice in the PAID category.

I’d like to also vote for a dark theme - including a dark home-screen icon. This might sound weird, but the current icon is too bright IMO. I have to put it on my second screen, or it’s the on,y thing I see! :slight_smile: