The Search is Over

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for a perfect system for a long time and tried many, many apps to see if they were up to the job of organising your work, private life, interests and all else.

And, again like me, you have probably used some of those apps for longer periods of time but have always had a little voice in the back of your head telling you “yes, this is a very good app, it’s excellent, it does everything you expect from an app … OR DOES IT?”

The quest, my fellow Agenda-aficionados, for me, is over. The little voice is gone. It’s Agenda all the way.

(maybe not so good at the same time because I was getting attached to searching for the app.)


Brilliant to hear, and thanks for sharing! What’s most exciting to us is not only to read you love Agenda today, but knowing how much you’ll love the stuff we’ve been working on in the past two weeks for version 11, and what we plan to bring as part of the new goodies Apple just announced. Makes it all the more motivating to fire up Xcode every day!


Way of the future! (Love that phrase).
Magnificent job so far, curious what’s up next!

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@robbie07 care to share how your workflow is?

I wrote about it here How I use Agenda: the Eisenhower method and here Agenda Usage for Sales-focused Engineer - #6 by robbie07

I have made some changes since then, for example where I talk about “standardised” notes I now use Agenda’s templates instead of TextExpander.

Generally it’s still the same system though.
Hope it’ll be of help.

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