Textexpander support on iOS



Been using this feature from many productivity apps. Hope Agenda also implement this. Thanks.

TextExpander with iOS Agenda

I don’t understand your question, text expander already works within Agenda.


Sorry I forgot to write that it’s for the ios version (in the future) thanks.


Yes, can confirm: works fine :slight_smile:


This would indeed be a great thing, especially on the iPad. I have a broad collection of snippets I would love to use especially on the mobile versions of Agenda. Please consider to integrate.


TextExpander: Most iOS apps that use textexpander have a place where snippets can be imported. Are you saying that it natively reads the textexpander snippets and uses them with out me doing anything?


I’m able to use textexpander in the iOS app by changing the keyboard as I do with other apps, hope this helps.


Clumsy - i’ve Used TexExpander for years but find the keyboard both clumsy and inconvenient… much better I think to offer the full functionality.
I’m hoping it will come to iOS Agenda in future release.


Not in iOS (kludge using their keyboard is not full support) fully; is it anywhere on roadmap to implement (I know it should not be first priority but it would be good to know it is at least on list) #ios


We don’t have concrete plans to support more than the TextExpander keyboard at the moment, obviously also depends on the number of requests.


Then allow me to request it also. I also don’t like using the TextExpander keyboard but I have many snippets that I like to use. The snippets are especially useful when I want to type something in Chinese as I can set aside a letter combination to expand into a Chinese phrase; that way I can type a phrase or place name without switching the keyboard. The TextExpander keyboard, however, is a little annoying to use.


In a perfect world, I would love to see TextExpander support, but given the trade-offs against other features, I don’t see it as critical to the core intent of Agenda. The iOS TextExpander implementation is so awkward and limited that I avoid it even in those iOS apps that support it with one big exception: using it to add timestamps.

Some text expansion functionality is useful. Although admittedly low on functionality, I find the built-in Apple text replacement dictionary can do most of what I need, syncs across all my devices, and it works if you are using a hardware keyboard (unlike TextExpander). Even with timestamps there is a reasonable solution: make a Workflow Today Widget that puts a timestamp into the clipboard and paste that in; sure, it takes a few extra swipes.

I realize that there are TextExpander power users who want to create sophisticated templates, and even there Workflow (or its iOS 12 follow-on) may provide a solution. Every once in awhile I find there are some things that the macOS version of an app just does better, and I think this might be one example. So, given unlimited time and resources (and infinite paychecks for the developers), TextExpander support would be nice, but there are features we are all waiting for that are necessary, and which have no real workaround.


Here is another vote for TextExpander support. The TextExpander keyboard is not good at all and it would be really nice to be able to use TextExpander regardless of the keyboard that I use. TextExpander works perfectly in Bear on both iOS and the iPad.

However, Agenda is really cumbersome to use without access to my TextExpander snippets when working on an iOS device.


Voting for this feature as well.

TextExpander app support is necessary to use it with a hardware keyboard. I was sort of surprised and disappointed to find that Agenda doesn’t already have this as a new user.


Does the more (ala how Bear app implements TextExpander) require a large amount of development/recoding?


It would mean having to integrate their SDK, which we’re quite honestly reluctant to do.

First, it would create a dependency on a piece of software we don’t develop or own. For example, imagine their SDK would cause trouble or crashes with iOS12, now we’re dependent on them to fix things in time for the release.

Second, we are also not very comfortable with inserting a black box from a third party that would potentially have access to everything our users type into Agenda. TextExpander is basically a key-logger looking for patterns. Now I do want to make clear that I personally am a big fan and long time user of TextExpander, so I have obviously been willing to take that risk, but that might not be true for all Agenda users, especially those that might use it for much more sensitive data than I do.

I hope that gives some insight into why we haven’t added the TextExpander SDK so far.


Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue. I do understand your position.


The apps that implement it typically have a toggle in the settings to use or not use it.


That makes sense, we’ll investigate if that can solve our main issue regarding privacy.


Voting for TextExpander support on iOS with any keyboard. This would be huge.