Textexpander support on iOS



I’d love TextExpander support too. It’s great in Drafts5.


I love the TextExpander support in DayOne. Would love to see it in Agenda also. The TextExpander keyboard is not an option for me on iOS – too slow and clunky and breaks the workflow. Integrated support is the way to go.

DayOne has put a lot of effort into their own syncing solution, including end-to-end encryption. Yet they’re still confident in offering TextExpander support. Perhaps you could ask them about the security of TE support :slight_smile:


I have a couple questions regarding the highlighted sections of the attached screen grabs from iOS 12 Setting.

  1. the toggle option in the first grab. Is that something recently added with iOS 12, or has it been there in prior versions and I didn’t notice it?

  2. the highlighted text in the Privacy statement by Apple regarding #1.
    Regarding TextExpander, does the verbiage in 2nd screen grab mean that a Developer (TextExpander) IS PROHIBITED from capturing keystrokes IF the User has elected to turn ON the option in the 1st screen grab?


I would also like to see TextExpander Support on the iOS app.


Add me to the list of those hoping for TextExpander support on the IOS app.