Text Formatting is unintuitive


I really enjoy the agenda features in this tool however for taking notes it is really sub par compared to apple notes.

Really need better tabbing for bullet points with the ability to double enter to break the bullets. The ability to tab in with numbers nad bullets to create sub bullets seems to work only sometimes but has issues when you move back up the document to change it around.

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There is a bug in the app at the moment when nesting bullets in number lists. The numbers get reset. We have a fix coming this week for that.

For exiting a list, just hit backspace.

Anything else you think is subpar to Apple Notes? In my opinion, we have built a better editor. The markdown shortcuts etc are quite a bit nicer, as is the layout and general appearance. But if you have specific grievances, please let us know.

We believe to have fixed this in the beta that we just released (available by turning on beta notifications in the Agenda preferenses, you’ll need the version that can be downloaded from our website. See https://agenda.community/t/help-us-beta-test-agenda/907 ). Can you give that one a try and let us know if that’s indeed the case?
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Sure I’ll try the beta thanks guys!!

I was writing notes in a meeting with a customer and the struggle was real with the formatting.

My hope is to use this as my main notes processor. To keep projects in track.