Temporary content loss


What was I doing?
I was working on the content for a blog. Just some text, nothing too fancy.
Went to read som mail.

What happened?
I lost most of the content for my new blog. This was not just today’s new content, but some frm yetesterday too. I thought maybe I was in the wrong project. I did a search for GIMP, which was part of today’s content.
I seemed to find GIMP, but no text actually displayed.

What I did next…
I closed out the Agenda APP and started it up again. Yep, there was my content with all my latest text from today.

No I can’t repeat this and hope it does not happen again.


It sounds like something went wrong internally — a sort of mini crash — which caused the display problem. It seems like the data was at least unaffected, which is good.

Thanks for reporting it, and if you do see it happen again, let us know.

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I am also observing this issue.

This one is a bit different and sadly is repeatable.

What was I doing?
I copied all of some email content to add to a blog I am drafting. The email is in Outlook. After pasting it into my Agenda topic, I wanted to add some text, that I might turn into a header.

What happend?
I Typed “S” and boom, a black screen and I’m out of Agenda. I go back in and type an ‘o’ to follow the S and boom, same thing.

What I will do next is bring down Agenda and restart it to see if I’m back in business.


Sadly, Agenda is broken. It continues to crash.

I wil try editing something else.


Seems that this is project related. I was able to edit some other text, but anything I do to the project with the copied email content blows up.


Should I try to delete this entire project?

You could the project as an Agenda Archive File, and then reimport it. This will create a duplicate of the project. If the duplicate works OK without the problem, then you can delete the old project.


Hi, I see no “Archive”.

“You could” what “the project as an Agenda Archive File”
I see Rename, Share, Print and delete.

When I select Share it seems I can create an Agenda file. It does not say it is an Archive file.

I’m not sure what you are suggesting I do.


Ok, I shared an Agenda file into Drobox. Clicked on the file and Exported it into Agenda.

Stil busted.

Maybe, copy the content into a competators tool. Edit it down B4 copy/paste into a New Project and then delete the old which has been renamed to …-SAVE

Any other suggestion?


Could you share the agenda file with us? Also, is this on iOS or Mac and how long was/is the note. On iOS there are limits to how long a note can be and after that it can give the symptoms you describe if you try to edit the note.

Hi, This is on my iPad.

Yes it was a long, because I did a copy all which silly me included the whole thread.

But there is no warning, no indicaton of what was wrong.

To my way of thinking this is a pretty big gotcha that I had no idea was coming. How big can the files be?

I will delete and recreate the project.


Unfortunately we can’t add a warning because the limitation seems rather arbitrary, depending on the device, memory pressure etc. At least we haven’t been able to get to a way to test whether we are near or over the limit. Fortunately it’s not that easy to reach the limit under normal use, you need to really paste pages of text in a single note. Also, the problem seems only to appear on editing, so it’s still possible to see the text if say you paste it in in one go or add it on a Mac. Hopefully there will be improvements in future iOS versions.

Note also that the size constraint is for a single note, not a project. So you can have a project that is very long, but if a note gets really big, you may start seeing strange things on iOS.


Far be it from me to engage in techenical discussion of how IOS works, but it is not lost on me that I could copy the content of the single note into another iPad IOS app to edit it down so I could paste it into a new Agenda project note and delete the old saved project. So I was able to restore my content.

I could not edit the single note so I needed to delete the project. .But this is my question, was there some way to delete the oversize single note? I don’t think I could even cut/paste the content, it would only allow copy/paste.


Not sure, but I believe you could have selected the note (make it yellow) by clicking in the title header (not the text area), then click the cog wheel at the bottom right of the note to delete it.

Yes, I’m getting a similar issue.
Input text, body and checklist, then click onto another Project in the same category start typing and the content disappears. I click back on the Project that lost the text, add a return or start typing again and the text reappears. In the one case, as you’ll see in the screen shot, it adds a whole list of text, as if it’s showing each stage of typing (or undo) on every line. I fix it and it happens again!!!

I’ve tried closing the app completely and it just keeps happening.
I’m just using the free version right now but hope this can be resolved before I upgrade to the full version, it’s really annoying! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for years! Might get the Desktop version too!
IPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen, iOS 12.1.3 — Also happening on iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 12.0.3
It has happened a few times before, but not to this degree!

Due to unfortunate circumstances this issue has slipped through in the last update. We’ve submitted a fix and asked Apple for an expedited review. Hopefully it will be out soon. Our apologies for the inconvenience, we have discussed how to prevent such an issue slipping through again.

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I just had the same issue. One of two things that might be happening. First; as some suggested, it appears to be like a content loss. But for me, it looks more like; the content frame (where we write our current note in) does not scale fully to the max to cover all the contents.

I’m using an iOS device (iPad pro-2017). The note that I am working on is really short. After getting in and out repeatedly into the note, it does manage to fully extend or reappear.

I love the app, that’s why I bought it. Although it is painful to say this but I can’t say that I’m comfortable with it. My meeting contents is very important to have this kind of scary moments. Especially when that happens during the meeting.

I’m looking forward for stability improvements rather than new bells and whistles.
Keep up the good and hard work guys.


Definitely Deniz, we hear you loud and clear. Ironically the stability improvements require under the hood rewrites that ultimately caused this bug :frowning: The biggest issue is that it slipped through into production, that shouldn’t happen again.