Templates and Build from Template

One thing I would love to see is the ability to create templates for notes and projects and have a “Build from Template” option available when creating a new note or project. Even further, it would be awesome to incorporate variables in the template that you will be prompted to populate when building from a template.

Use case for this would be like with my job, I do software trainings for customers of our company and I like to follow our statement of work to the letter so I have a checklist that I follow while doing the trainings with customers. Currently I have a “Templates” category with an unused checklist in it and I just copy and paste that into a new note in a new project. But it would be awesome if I could create a new project from a template where I could just fill in the customer name and the project will be created with the naming convention I use and the note will be created with the blank checklist and I’m ready to go.


Thanks for the suggestion, this is definitely something we’d like to see as well. In the mean time, see this Talk article on the topic with some stopgap solutions: Copy-and-Paste 2.0 – How Templates Make a World of Difference


Have been using Agenda since its release. Love it, really appreciate the clean interface and the power of the carefully designed features. And the iOS version. :slight_smile:

Glad to see templates being considered. I popped in today to succest this, and think this is one of those “carefully designed features” that would have nearly universal utility for many applications of Agenda. In addition to the use case from the OP, I personally would use such a feature in multiple ways for note taking at work, volunteer work, and personal projects like genealogy.


Oh. My. Goodness. What a great idea. Genealogy. As soon as I read your post, I saw how useful Agenda could be for my research in the old family tree. Brilliant, sir. Thanks!

I want to echo the desire for this feature. I’ve only started using Agenda but I can already see that projects in a certain category require a very similar group of notes. For example, I’m a teacher, and I’m creating a project for every class I teach. Each of my classes will have notes for assignments, course schedule, grading, etc. And every semester I’ll create a new set. It would be great to generate these note templates automatically.

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+1 for me. I want to use Agenda as my daily planner. But I can not until I have templates supports.

Came in to post templates too.

Would love to have something re-usable for client meetings, 1:1 meetings etc

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+1… it would also be awesome if the community could contribute to a database of templates that other users could import into their Agenda. I’m sure some people have better ways of taking notes than i do… I remember reading, notion did something similar recently.

+1 for this idea - would be a huge time saver for repetitive notes.

I would also like to add me to this list. An option to create a note from a template would be incredibly useful. Preferably a list of templates.

+1 For this feature request. Very useful since I use Agenda for lots of texts. This is also useful for different types of projects.

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