Tags Syntax

I’m not sure that I fully understand tags. According to another post, certain keywords in a tag perform a special function, e.g. (today) converts to today’s actual date when searching due dates. Is there a list of other keywords that have a special use or have I completely misunderstood?

The due tag is just an example of a type of tag you can create with dates as values. The keyword is up to you, can also be say deadline(2 days). A tag can be just the tag (#priority, #important, etc), or can have a value associated with it in brackets following the tag, these values can be:

  1. text, e.g. #priority(high), #priority(low)

  2. numbers, e.g. #priority(1), #priority(2)

  3. dates, e.g. #priority(today), #priority(2 days)

The advantage of using these values is that you can then search both for all notes with a #priority tag in them, or specifically for notes of say high priority by searching for #priority(high). In the future we aim at extending this functionality such that you could do a search for medium priority and higher for example.

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I was trying to do a search for tags with andate in the current week. I wrote a tag #due(today) in a note, then search for the tag #due(this week). The search didn’t return any note. What would be the correct syntax for this, and do you have a reference list of “date” keywords for easing search?

I don’t think we currently support that particular syntax, we do however support #due(7 days/weeks/months) and the equivalent #due(x days ago)

I was looking for a week view, a number of days may cross into next week. Playing a bit more with this idea I found a solution in #due(sunday) which covers all days of the current week.

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