I love Agenda! But could you please add due date and importance?

Hi, I just found out about Agenda and have since started to transfer all my work and personal notes in here. I have been using several services like Evernote and the local app (Korean) co-work/organizer apps like FLOW. They are both good for what they provide and specializes in but I think Agenda is more suitable for me. I really love how everything is date oriented. However, I am yet hesitant to purchase it yet because I am uncertain if I’ll be able to use this to the fullest. I have been giving a thought and I think for me, being able to add due dates and importance would be much more convenient. I have different projects for work and else and having the “ON THE AGENDA” and “TODAY” section is a great way to quickly view what I have to do that day. However, I think it would be more efficient if there is a due date/importance and be able to see the items on “TODAY” in those orders. It’s just my opinion and I will most likely to transfer my items and purchase it. Thanks for making Agenda!

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Great to hear you like Agenda! My suggestion would be to use tags for both due dates and marking something as important (although On The Agenda would be the recommended way to highlight important the most notes). Have a look here at the section about due tags:


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Agenda is not a Project Management SW where you have due dates or importance.
As @mekentosj wrote it is a „more than just a basic note taking app“.
Using tags might help, but here I wish a much better support for tags e.g. showing a list of alredy used tags while entering the the first letters of a tag, allow space in tags …


I’d put that in a slightly different way, Agenda can definitely be used as a project management tool, I use it that way for building Agenda and keeping track of my projects (along side a source code management solution obviously). It’s just that I don’t need a full blown super fancy outliner/planner/task manager and prefer something more lightweight that doesn’t force me to adapt some predefined way of working. The idea behind Agenda is to give you that along with the tools to build your own way of keeping track of things, which includes tags, people etc if you do want to have more options when it comes to marking up importance, deadlines etc.

We certainly think we can make those a heaps more powerful still while retaining the flexibility and lightweight feel of Agenda, we have a lot of ideas in this direction and tags is one of the areas where the current implementation is pretty much the minimal viable feature set. Stay tuned!