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I’m not seeing the option to copy a Project as an Agenda Link on iOS. I would love to be able to insert a link to a project in my notes instead of linking to a specific note in the project.

I didn’t notice this! Yes, you can copy a link to a project on Mac, but not on iOS it seems

To insert a link to another note at the cursor, ……, On iOS you’ll find the same option under the cog wheel menu in the lower right corner of the selected note.

The Share menu allows you to share your Agenda notes and projects in many different formats, with any app that supports sharing extensions. ……, on iOS you find it in the cog wheel menu in the bottom right corner of the selected note. …… One of the options supported by many apps is sharing of an Agenda Link.

I’m using iOS 13 and found no options to insert a link to another note or generate a agenda notes link.

Where I’m wrong? THX.

Unlike on the Mac, you can’t link to another note on iOS just yet. What you can do is go to the note you want to link to, and tap the cog button, and use Copy As > Agenda Link. You can then go to other notes and paste in the link. More work, but it’s an option.

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Thanks very much. Great.

Hey @mekentosj it’ll be great to update the Due Tag how-to with your response in Tags Syntax

It reads as if this only works with the keyword due.

Love the ability to tag with dates, it’s a really powerful feature. Didn’t realize it’ll work with any keyword until much later.

Just a suggestion.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve updated the article

I don’t know that I can tag with date parameters. That’s such a fantastic idea and makes it easier for me to use it as a to-do app.
Now I hope for a tag browser, because I’m sure that I have variations of tags for the same topic, which means I may have missed out on some notes when searching by tags.

That’s indeed one of the next major features we’ll focus on, see The features we are working on right now…

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Hi. Noticed same tag has different colors when I searched for that tag? What’s the significant of different colors for tags? Can we assign colors to tags?

That’s probably just the highlight color to highlight a search hit, at the moment it isn’t possible to change the color of a tag, something we might allow for down the road.

Hi. Is there a way to list all tags? For example, how do I list all 10 different tags used?

Not yet. We do hope to have autocomplete of tags, as well as a tag browser like you describe, in future. It’s in the roadmap.


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How to do a wild card search to show all tags? “#*” doesn’t work. Need to find all tags assigned.

There aren’t any wildcard searches at the moment, I’m afraid. It will just match the beginning of the term, so you would need to add a few letters.


+1 tags and people in title!

It’s kinda tricky. The title area is a completely different type of text entry area.

My suggestion would be to just put those tags/people on the first line of the note.

Hi Drew, tanks for responding. I am used to collapse my items. Then I only see the titles. The titles are already a lot alike (Email from …; telephone conversation with …) Therefore I am not concerned with the people (@) but with the tags. I only see a tag in the note itself when it opens. And it is useful for the overview if I do not have to mention the subject separately in the title, but can place a tag.
By the way: I am very happy with Agenda. I use it as a CRM and that works great.



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I see. Thanks for explaining. We have some ideas which may help with this down the track.

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