Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

Could you please provice a clear description of how to use tags and then how to create a project with all notes that have that tag? Is that possible? Will the premium option help with this? I understand that you can save search to sidebar.

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The way you would do that is to simply put a tag somewhere in the note (eg #important). Then you would do a search for #important across all the projects. You then get the option to save that in the sidebar (requires premium features). When you do that, you get an overview (which is like a project), that shows any note with #important in the text. This updates continually.

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How do you add due dates to checklist or any list item so that it shows up in the calendar? I found the message that said to use a tag like #due(21/05/2017). That seems to be for searching.

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There is no way to do this at the moment. You can only link a whole note to a calendar event.

The due tag is useful for searches, but does not put a calendar event in.

#tags how do i use #tags to sort and categorize? i.e. see Bear-writer. is this possible?

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Bear’s system is totally tag focused. There is no other way to organize.

We organize around projects. Tags are there at this point for labeling things, and for search. We have future plans to add better tag management and organization, so they will get more powerful over time.


Please prioritize having a tag browser. Tags are kind of useless without it. Search can fetch me notes even if I don’t have them tagged.


+1 for some kind of tag browser/list.

clicking on a tag to perform a search for that tag elsewhere would be good too.


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It would be helpful if you could have a link to the people tag, say when you click it you would be taken to that contact on your phone.


Integration with the Contacts app is indeed on our wish list too, see Use Agenda as a Telephone / Address book


How do you indent lists on iOS?

Just starting to use Agenda - which is great BTW.
What’s the syntax for Tag Parameters?
I’d like to colour a #Priority 1 tag as red…

Apologies if this was a slightly misleading example, we don’t support yet custom colours for tags, we might in the future. What the example tried to convey is that you can assign values to your tags, like this #priority(high), #priority(low), allowing you to find both all notes that a #priority tag but also specifically all notes with a #priority(high) tag.


Thanks. Colours are useful for visual scanning once you get lots of text.
I’ve used Things, Trello etc. but the concept behind Agenda is great, especially the date link and calendar.

Do you have a place I could request featrues for your roadmap?

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Is there any way to “invite” a person to your note or share your project with others?

I have weekly meeting project section in Agenda that I would like to invite people to, so they can see what is on the agenda for the week and what tasks have been assigned to who. Is this an option? How can those notes be shared with others? I realize the person tag is only a tag and does not invite the person to that particular note(s).


Not yet, something we hope to allow in the future, see these posts:


That would be really great!