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Reading the instructions it should be possible to use symbols in tags, but what symbols are prohibited? For instance the $ cannot be used, but I can’t find out if this is expected behavior or a bug.


At the moment indeed currently you can only use standard letter and number characters plus underscores and dashes. In the next update we’ll bring major improvements to tags which also allows a way to have any symbol in a tag that you want, including spaces and dollar signs.


I’m surprised a Tag Browser and Tag Completion function hasn’t been implemented given how much Tag is touted as one of the main organising tool.

You will be surprised no more…working on it now.


Hi all, don’t know if I missed something, in which case I apologize… I was thinking it could be helpful, in version 14, to add also a People browser like the one that was added for Tags.
Do you see it possible?

A people browser is next on the list indeed, stay tuned!


Note that the due tag is just an example of a type of tag you can create with dates as values. The keyword is up to you, can also be say deadline(2 days) .

I’ve been trying this feature and unfortunately it doesn’t work with tags other than ‘due’ for me. For example "WAITING(28 April 2022)” doesn’t work for me. When I change the tag to ‘due’ it works fine

You should be able to search on all waiting tags and/or all waiting tags marked with 28 April. The due tag is indeed unique in that it will search for all tags up to and including for example 28 April.

Great. Thanks. It wasn’t obvious to me from the article that “up to” only worked with the due tag, but now understood.

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Any chance the new formatting options in the coming Agenda 15 update might also include improvements in the tables?
I was thinking the ability to use some features like checklists etc. would be handy in table format to make the most of space on a note.
Can’t wait for the new formatting features to the writing experience!

We would like to improve some formatting in tables, but probably not in the very next release, and formatting will probably still remain limited. It is not a great experience to try to pack note formatting, with images etc, all in a very small cell. That was not the intent of the tables in Agenda.

Totally fair. I appreciate that every update you make leads to people wanting that little bit more, but often simple is best. Just through I’d ask.

Really, the big one for me was the ability to add checklist or bullet points in the table to make it useful for tracking.

Thanks for all the hard work and a brilliant app.


We’ll consider whether we should add lists in cells. Haven’t made up our mind on exactly where we should draw the line yet.

Thanks for the feedback!

Is it possible to set tags through the URL scheme ?


I don’t think there is a special command for that, but tags are just text in your note. So if you append to a note using the URL scheme, and you have something like “#mytag”, it should add the tag.

@drewmccormack @mekentosj are there any plans for a ‘person editor’ ? I like the tag editor and would be great to have the same functionality for the person tagging. The ability to have a master list of @ (PERSON) names that you can then edit from that list would be great. Working example would be you’ve tagged someone as JohnS then realizes that you have meetings with multiple JohnS’s. Rather than just update the tag for the 1 current meeting, there may be a need to update the tag in the editor, e.g. rename original JohnS to JohnSmith, next one to JohnSargent etc etc etc. Then having those changes in the Person Editor cascade through all notes would be fantastic rather than having to go edit notes 1 by 1.

Any plans for adding this functionality ?


Yes. Actually, we’ve had this plan from very early on. It would indeed be like Tags, but with the added integration with the Contacts app, which adds a bit more complexity. But this is certainly on our radar.


I was wondering how one can create tags like “#C++”, I’ve tried various methods, but they all result either in no tag at all, or a #C tag. Can it be done, if so, how?

You can click on the Tag and rename it there to C++ or write in the Note „#(C++)“ to create the C++ Tag. You can insert spaces in Tags that way too.