Deleting tags

Maybe this is already explained somewhere. When I write down a tag wrongly, how can I erase it? Thanks!

Once you have removed all copies of the tag from the text, it should disappear automatically I believe.

It may also be possible to rename the wrong tag in the tag browser, and even merge it with another one.

Thank you for your reply @drewmccormack. I am not sure I have understood correctly. Can you send me some screenshots for renaming the wrong tag and merging with another one? What is the tag browser… You mean Search All? Thanks!

I think if you find the tag browser, you will understand. To go to the tag browser on macOS, choose Window > Tags.

On iOS, tap and hold on any tag, and tap the option there to manage the tags.

Thank you @drewmccormack, and what about the tags with @ ?

We don’t yet have a browser for “People tags”. The reason for this is that we hope to go a bit further there, perhaps with some integration with Apple Contacts. So we postponed that in order to make it better when it arrives. Sorry for the delay.

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Great! I am looking forward