Tags in note headings

I noticed that you apparently cannot add a tag to a notes heading. Or did I miss anything? And if not, is there a reason for this?

I thought is would be useful to have tags in headings as well.

Thanks for the good work so far - keep the pace!



For now, I suggest adding tags at the top or bottom of the note content.

I have heard this request a few times already. We will think about it.

Thanks for the feedback!

The current solution seems to work great for me, although I had tried to tag the headings as well initially. It also seems aesthetically more pleasing that ‘Title #tagOne #tagTwo…’.

So far loving Agenda, and I was expecting tagging to be ubiquitous, and also tried every way to tag a heading. I love the fact that there is tagging at all! One of the big reasons I was drawn to this software and immediately upgraded is the clear elegance of design. Tagging headings is not just the placement of the tag, it’s the fact that it works in an obvious way and is an automatic parent tag to anything else in the note. I can also imagine this being very useful down the line.


Thanks for the feedback. We will think about it.

A workaround in the meantime is just to use a standard system of tagging. Eg. you could put a row of tags at the top of your notes. These you could consider the ‘parent’ tags, applying to the whole note. (You could also tag at the bottom of course).

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Ok I’ll think about it. (chuckle)

By the way, as long as we’re talking tags, why is there no hot-key? and will there be tag completion? I can’t find a list of used tags either. I end up using a lot of tags (I’ve been a heavy Devonthink user for ages) and often it’s hard to remember tags used.

Autocompletion of tags and a tag editor have both been a popular request indeed.