Tags for organisation (similar to bear.app)


I’ve read the post on tags and appreciate the functionality - I’d like to completely switch to Agenda from Bear. To do this I’d love to see:

Is this something that could be considered?



Hi Matt,
Sounds like you just want Bear :slight_smile:

We have a different approach to bear, with dedicated projects and categories. Bear uses a series of tag paths to do something similar.

It’s unlikely we would adopt Bear’s approach entirely. It would make a for a confusing app, with different paradigms. In our app, tags are useful to visually distinguish, and to search, as well as create important overviews, but we won’t go down the path of making everything a tag.

If you are attached to that way of working with tags, honestly, you are probably better off sticking with Bear. Our approach is more project based, with time a very important concept in the flow.

Kind regards,


Hi @drewmccormack , appreciate the prompt response and the direct answers.

There are a number of things I like about both Agenda and Bear. I’m essentially looking for a way to have the same note in multiple places - and update the note without duplicating it.

I will consider what you’ve said going forward.



I think you are probably better to put a note in one of the apps, the one where it best belongs, and then link to it from the other app. There is no duplication, and you can find the note quickly either way.