Tag Browser for Mac



I’ve searched around and see that Tag Browser is in numerous Discussions. That’s why I created a new one.

I also see that there is a reference to a Tag Browser for the iPad. I haven’t used Agenda on an iPad so I cannot speak to that.

I am assuming that there is still not currently a Tag Browser feature for the Mac. I cannot find one on the app and I cannot see in these discussions that there is one.

I use a work around:

Create a new Project called “Tag List” (or whatever you might like to call it)

Whenever you add a new Tag - also add it in the Project called “Tags List”

Then, when you want to search for a Tag, select that Tag in the Tag List

You will be given the option of searching for that Tag in the current Project (that would be the Tag List - so not useful) or in All Projects

You can also order the list in any way that you’d like.

I hope that might help some of the people that are looking for a Tag Browser.


Thanks for the tip, rest assured we definitely want to add a tag browser at some point, some other things have a higher priority so no ETA at this point alas, but just to say it’s not been forgotten.


Tag browser is really a must :wink: Nested tags (nicely done in Things) would be very great too.