Tag Browser for Mac

I’ve searched around and see that Tag Browser is in numerous Discussions. That’s why I created a new one.

I also see that there is a reference to a Tag Browser for the iPad. I haven’t used Agenda on an iPad so I cannot speak to that.

I am assuming that there is still not currently a Tag Browser feature for the Mac. I cannot find one on the app and I cannot see in these discussions that there is one.

I use a work around:

Create a new Project called “Tag List” (or whatever you might like to call it)

Whenever you add a new Tag - also add it in the Project called “Tags List”

Then, when you want to search for a Tag, select that Tag in the Tag List

You will be given the option of searching for that Tag in the current Project (that would be the Tag List - so not useful) or in All Projects

You can also order the list in any way that you’d like.

I hope that might help some of the people that are looking for a Tag Browser.


Thanks for the tip, rest assured we definitely want to add a tag browser at some point, some other things have a higher priority so no ETA at this point alas, but just to say it’s not been forgotten.


Tag browser is really a must :wink: Nested tags (nicely done in Things) would be very great too.


Yes +1 for a tag browser. Tags are much less useful without a canonical list of topics. Otherwise you get #Assignment #text assignment #text reply and so on as the mood hits you (and as neurons recording previous tags fail).

I strongly agree with this suggestion.

I also hope for “tag completion”, where when I start typing a tag - @… - that the U/I would display a list of tags that match what I’ve typed so far.

I currently do not use tags because both of these capabilities aren’t available.

Also, I really like using Agenda!

Before starting to use Agenda several months ago, I had tried using Bear, Microsoft’s One Note (yuck!), OmniFocus, Things … Each of these take time to learn in order to really integrate into day-to-day, hour-by-hour use, and the absence of being able to assign dates to each post is significant. So the date basis of Agenda is really important!

I’m optimistic that the Agenda developers will eventually get these tags capabilities built in.

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Both are at the top of the list, stay tuned!


Glad to see. Came looking to find an answer that doesn’t exist yet, but glad it is on it’s way soon. :wink:

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