Syncing with Reminders

What I did:
Created calendar events on Agenda on my MAC
What happened:
They don’t get reminded to me on my devices
What I expected:
I need Agenda to sync with my reminders on my apple devices
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Do you really mean the Reminders app (we hope to integration with the Reminders app down the road), or are you referring to alarms set for events in the Calendar? If so,did you configure an alarm when you created the event, does it show in the on the device where you created the event, and what calendar was it for (iCloud, Google, etc)?

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Yes I meant the reminders app. Do you have an idea roughly when it will get integrated? Also about the alarms set for the events, they don’t get reminded to me but then that might be an issue with my calendar app? Yes it does show in the calendar app but no alarm pops up. The calendar is my calendar app on my iphone and on my imac.


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No ETA yet I’m afraid, Images and Attachments are up first. See also The features we are working on right now…
I’ll have a look at the calendar alarms as well.

This shortcut will copy content from a source list in iOS Reminders to a destination project in Agenda. It is one time and one way, not a synch.

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