Synchronisation across secondary iCloud accounts

I’m wanting to use Agenda across several devices that don’t use the same iCloud account as the primary account on Macs. Instead, they would have the same iCloud account as a secondary account.

Would Agenda still sync across all devices using iCloud as secondary accounts?


Hi Graham,

Agenda uses the iCloud account that you login to with System Preferences, in the iCloud area. It doesn’t matter what you use for music or the app store, but it does matter which iCloud you use in System Preferences > iCloud. In particular, you need to have iCloud Drive active, and we use facilities in iCloud Drive to transfer data. That only works if you have the same iCloud account on each device, otherwise the data doesn’t arrive.

Note that you can setup multiple accounts on your Mac, and you could use different iCloud accounts in each one. So perhaps if it isn’t possible to get it working with one account, you could setup a second Mac account to sync with that.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew,

I’m having a similar issue and tried what you suggest above, but unfortunately, you can only use iCloud drive with your primary account on a Mac, not multiple.

I am logged into iCloud on my work Macbook Pro using my work creds in the System Preferences because I need to for work. I also have my personal iCloud account logged in as a secondary account on the same computer, but as mentioned, one cannot us iCloud Drive for a secondary account.

I get that the limitation here for syncing is Apple and their decision to have one iCloud drive account per device, but also, Agenda made the decision to use this platform.

I do like Agenda thus far, but for me to sync my notes in Agenda, it seems like I would need make significant changes to my personal iCloud setup. This seems pretty extreme.

As there are a few threads here about syncing and this issue, is there any chance this is being looked at?

We do want to support other services in future, but at this point we are busy with higher priorities like images and attachments.

See this topic regarding additional sync services: