Sync across different Apple IDs

I have been using Agenda for a while on my personal mac but was recently got a new mac at work. I have a personal and work apple ID. Is there a way to get my notes to sync across both and will I have to pay for Agenda twice (on each apple ID)?


Never done it, but from what I gather in this situation you need to use Dropbox to sync.

Can’t help with the payment issue.

I have the same question. I created a lot of notes (for work) on my personal Mac last night (new to Agenda) and was hoping they’d sync to my work computer this morning. They did not. My mail and Calendar all sync seamlessly between my home and work mac just fine. So do Ulysses, ToDoist and a few other apps. Maybe there’s a solution that Agenda can create at some point?

If you are using the same Apple ID it should sync I believe. This might help: Syncing between desktop and iOS

You only need to purchase once. If you create an Agenda Account with any email you like, you can then sign in to agenda on each device, and your purchase will carry across to the new device.

For sync, you can either use iCloud, which requires the same iCloud id on each device, or you can use Dropbox, and choose the same dropbox sign in for each device.

Hope that helps!

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A few more questions:

  1. What will happen to the existing notes that I have? will there be any kind of merge conflict that I will have to deal with?
  2. Will the features be enabled on both instances based on my login and not the apple ID it is attached to?

Feature unlock is based purely on the Agenda Account. The iCloud account you use plays no part in that. iCloud is only used to setup sync.

Data should merge seamlessly. There should be no conflicts to handle.

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Apologies for a basic query but how can I sign into my agenda account on the iOS app? I do not see an option and neither to sync using Dropbox

The settings to sign in and setup sync are in the right panel, button bottom-left.

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I have a follow up question here. I use dropbox sync between my work Mac and my personal iPad. On the iPad, I can see the Agenda notes I have created on my Mac linked to my work calendar. But I cannot see the calendar events related to them.
I assume this is because the Agenda app syncs to the native calendar on each device separately. I cannot access my work calendar on the iPad native calendar app (it’s permitted only through the outlook app).
Is there a way I can see my work calendar events in the Agenda app on my iPad?

I’m afraid not, it’s due to what you say, each device syncs the calendar events individually. So while Agenda ensure the link to the event stays intact and still shows the date and time of the event next to the note title (even if the event itself is not on your iPad), it can’t show the event in the inspector sidebar on the right as the calendar app can’t hand it to us. Not much we can do there alas.

Hello, I use several Apple devices, some attached to a personal, some to a work Apple ID. It would still be helpful to see Agenda both in work and personal accounts. It makes no sense to use highly insecure cloud services such as Dropbox for syncing so much personal data. My university provides a trusted cloud service that I can access via nextcloud. Would it be possible to enable syncing via nextcloud? Regards, Gerhard

The problem is that every person has their own favorite cloud service. We simply can’t support them all. We will see if we can add others in future, perhaps WebDAV for the diehards, but it’s not at the top of the list at the moment I’m afraid.