Swipeable sidebars on MacOS



It would make my life a lot easier if both sidebars could be swiped open and closed using the trackpad.

I don’t use the keyboard commands often enough for them to stick in my head, and using the pointer is tiresome - especially as I have my dock set to disappear on the right, and trying to grab the handle of the sidebar often triggers the dock.


I believe this already works on iOS. We will consider it for macOS too.

Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, it does work on iOS and it’s really cool!

The more functionality in common between iOS and MacOS the better - where it makes sense! Makes switching between devices, which I do all the time, much easier.


The only concern I have here is that another use for swipe on the Mac would be to go back in history, just like Safari does. I often find myself doing it out of habit in Agenda.

Not saying we will do that, but would need to be a discussion.


Swipe to navigate back and forward would be cool too! In MacOS and iOS! Having to have the side bar open to navigate in both platforms is a pain.

Perhaps something could be done with the length of the swipe or starting point distinguishing between moving sidebars and navigation.

I think consistency between the iOS and MacOS apps is more important than consistency with Safari, but I see the difficulty!