Support for Tables

Yes, this is our guideline too. We need to consider where to draw the line. We don’t want to be Pages or MS Word. It has to remain quick and light. The tables we are adding should fit that need. If you want more, best to grab Excel or Numbers, and embed a file.


Embedded files are good solution with one condition: do it as Microsoft did with OneNote - edit directly from app and show content preview. Then probably no one would like to use tables.

I think native tables are still a lower barrier to entry, especially for simple tables.

We plan to try supporting editing of attachments in the near future.

Update: We’re really pleased to let you know that Agenda version 12 with support for adding tables to your notes is now available to all! Thank you so much for helping us shape this feature and your patience as we built it. :+1:

As @drewmccormack has mentioned a few times above, today’s table features in Agenda 12.0 are just the start. It might not have all the options and power you might have dreamed of, but hope you’ll see it as a solid start. While it’s definitely not our intention to turn Agenda into a full-fledged Excel competitor, there are definitely improvements we would like to make. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions where you think it could be made even better. Enjoy!

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I was very pleased to see a table feature was coming to Agenda and thought that would be a good time to renew premium. Thanks for adding this. One important improvement would be the ability to change column widths, but I’m quite sure that’s on your to do list.
Being able to add images in tables would be very nice too.
Hope you’ll be able to keep improving this lovely app!

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Thank you for your kind words, indeed having adjustable column widths has been a popular request among beta testers already. It’s not as trivial as one would think because this should work across all your devices, some of which might have smaller available screen widths than others. But we’ll do our best to come up with something that works well, similar we can’t promise an ETA yet, but it’s definitely on the list.


I hope markdown export of tables in still (pardon the expression) on the table. It is a feature I would use regularly.


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One of the many things that didn’t make the first cut but are on the (long) list of things we would like to add down the road.

Excellent to hear. Consider this my vote for priority :slight_smile:

The table data should be exported, but not as a table. I assume you don’t mean markdown, but multi-markdown, correct? Markdown itself has no tables.

Yes of course, multi-markdown. Thanks for clarifying.

I guess we could also export tables in HTML, because I believe markdown supports HTML embedding. Would you be for that, or do you say it should be multimarkdown?

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I did look into mutimarkdown tables, but I have to say, they are pretty limited. For example, you can only have one line in a cell, where Agenda supports multiple lines. You also have to have header cells, which Agenda doesn’t support, so you would end up with odd empty header cells.

At this point, I am not really sure what would be best. Needs some thought.

I typically use only single paragraphs in my cells, so I didn’t really think about this in a general sense. For me, I could live with multiple rows for those cases in the export. I know it will not be possible to do a 1 to 1 mapping.
Perhaps others can weigh in as my use case is pretty basic.

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yes, I would love to see checklists and bullet points in table cells too :slight_smile:

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I enjoy the ability to include tables in my notes. One thing I have done already more than once is begin to list a few items using a bulleted list format, then a little further down the road realise that it would be more appropriate to have each item as a row in a table (so I can add other stuff in other columns). Thus, I’ve tried to convert my list of items into a table, with each item stuffed in a different row of the first column.

Currently, if I select a list of item and select “Insert > Table”, a new 2x2 table is inserted in-place and the previously selected content is used to fill the first cell of the table (first row, first column). Agenda does not wipe out what I had selected, so it knows that I’d like to do something with the selected content.

Would it be possible to maybe offer the possibility to spread out each line of the selected content in a different table row? With a long list, it’s much harder to do manually than just copy-n-paste content within the first cell only. Or is there another way to do what I want?

It’s an interesting point. I guess the problem is it is tricky to know exactly what each user wants. In your case, you want the first column to be filled, but someone else may want it to be the row, and someone else wants everything in the first cell. Not sure there is an easy answer.

I agree there is no single answer that will satisfy everyone every time.
A way to hande this could be to ask the user. For instance, if I copy 6 lines of text and paste them in a new Task in Todoist, it asks me if I want to add 6 tasks. If I choose not to, it creates a single task with 6 lines.
It adds some complexity to the “insert table” action. It would slow down the workflow of someone who creates tables from multi-lines selections and wants the selection in the first cell, but would speed up the workflow of someone who creates tables from multi-lines sections and wants the selection in multiple rows…

Will consider it. Thanks!

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thanks to you!