Congratulations on 14! Very excited about the new features, especially [[ to insert a note link, and I’m looking forward to to tidying up my tags and making better use of them.

In noticed:

It reminded me discussions somewhere about developments to search that would show just the unchecked list items in a note. That’s sort of what I was expecting when I saw “summary” mentioned.

I can see the current summary being useful - but I’m a bit worried about duplicating action items. Might it ever be possible for a life link between the “summary” and the original, so that checking the item in one place will automatically mark it checked in the other?

Just to be clear, the feature you are referring to is not this one, it serves different purposes. Having said that, what we have in mind also isn’t a way to replicate the same data in different notes. Anyway, point is, there’s more to come :smiley:


Yeah this idea of “line aliases” is interesting and would be super useful to me. I have checklists in project notes and daily notes, and copy checklist items between the two. I haven’t found it to be a problem to have it in two places, really - usually I have enough context to know that I’ve done something, so I check it in the other place. But if they were linked so changes to checked / unchecked state, and line text, were kept in sync in both places… that would be really really cool.

That said it seems like it’d be tough to do, and potentially confusing to people. On the other hand, if anyone can do it in a way that makes sense, it’s Drew and Alex :slight_smile: