Will it be possible to add subprojects to a projects folder? Got a project I’m working on that’s divided into a series of subprojects, all with their own notes, tasks and deadlines, so it would be great to group them by subproject.

Thanks / Ton

The features we are working on right now…

Not in the 1.0 version. Perhaps later. For now we have opted for a category > project system. I recommend creating a category for your projects, and adding them to that category.



Ok, will do nicely for now. Love the app btw. Looks great, has all the features one needs and is very affordable. Very nice. Hoping for a speedbump on older Macs, but that’s about it.

/ Ton


Plus one vote for Subprojects. Need this for organising.


Would love category > project > subproject:


  • Project 1
    — Sub project A
    — Sub project B
  • Project 2
    —Sub project A


  • Project 1
    — Subproject A
    — Subproject B
  • Project 2
    — Subproject A


Agree. And I hope they would be able to be integrated to task manager apps like omnifocus.


Just want to revive this thread. This would immensely help with my workflow thanks


The more hierarchical levels that are added, the more complex and complicated the app gets. I can understand the wish to be able to collapse and don’t see some things all the time, but the Binder would get more cluttered with more levels, especially in iOS.

Why not group manually using a prefix?

P-category 1

P-category 2

W-category 1



I guess Agenda is more a (much better than e.g. Apples Note) note taking SW and not a project management SW.


And not a ToDo-app. It’s calender-connected notes app


Hi, thanks for your suggestions. But I think that subprojects are really helpful on my part to organize my projects. Since that area is called “projects”, I had the idea that it would be somewhat useful for project management. Although I am not a project manager, but I organize lots of activities and projects that require subprojects that really helped me a lot to accomplish them without complicating life. If maybe this feature would be considered and added, I think, people still get the option to not include Subprojects and use it as it is. But, for people like me, who use hierarchial levels a lot, that option would be helpful.

But, it’s still a request. So, it still depends on what other thinks and the developer as well. Thanks a lot.


Maybe another SW is better for your needs, e.g. Omnifocus.


Why not using tags for labeling subprojects?


I think we will get to subprojects at some point. They are something we have thought about.


Thank you for considering this request.


Though I recently purchased Agenda’s premium features, lack of subprojects (or some other means of deeper hierarchy) is one thing making me consider a switch to Bear. Here’s my use case for wanting subprojects based on me managing three teams of developers.

Employer Name (Category)
___Development Team 1 (Project)
______Team Member 1 (Subproject)
_________1:1 Meeting 6/26 (Note)
___Development Team 2 (Project)
______Team Member 6 (Subproject)
_________1:1 Meeting 6/29 (Note)

I could eliminate the Employer Name category, but I prefer an explicit “level” to stuff all work related things into. Then, personal stuff can go into it’s own category.

Bear supports multiple hierarchy levels through its tagging mechanism. Another app that I use extensively that supports multiple hierarchy levels is 2Do.

I have additional feedback, which I’ll add to the main feedback thread.


Subprojects are a frequent request and definitely on our todo list for the future.


+1 for this feature


+1 for this feature - sub-project is very very crucial for me.


I hope that after inline images, this would be the next priority. My Projects are now a little bit disorganized since I rely too much on hierarchial folders.