Also my +1 for subprojects.


Or maybe projects are a third tagging category; similar to the way tags and people are handled in Agenda, for example !projectX, but on steroids: these project tags can be organized in any hierarchical way in a projects editor, where projects can be moved up and down, left and right to turn them into sub-projects (and sub sub projects?), hidden or visible in the left sidebar. Selecting a project in the sidebar reveals all its notes as well as all its sub notes, while a triangle icon next to a project in the sidebar can be used to expand it to reveal its sub projects. @Roland.Foerster


We already have projects on the left, and won’t make those tag-like. (That is the approach of Bear.)

But I fully agree it would be good to be able to search based on project in some way. That would probably work in a similar way.


+1 for subprojects!


Another +1 for subprojects. Like most busy people, I have too many projects. The only way to manage them is with an app like Agenda. But it feels like I need another level of organization. Here’s how I would like to be able to work:

  1. Categories — for major areas of my life (family, work, side-hustle, etc.)
  2. Projects — for major projects in those categories (e.g., a book I’m writing)
  3. Subprojects — for breakdown of the larger task (e.g. individual chapters of the book)


Excited to see how you guys implement subprojects. As I use Agenda more and more I will need a way to keep organized and be able to expand and collapse a project/sub project. So +1 for me on this feature.


Even just project dividers would be helpful. A way of dividing up information within a given project. Visually would be enough for me, with an added heading or two here and there.