Sub-reminders in iOS’ reminders app

Hello. I am new in this, and I’m not a native speaker of english, but I will try my best. Your app is AWESOME, amazing, really good, I tried for around five minutes and I bought it like “shut up and take my money!!” It is really amazing. I love the integration between Agenda, Calendars and Reminders. But just a little comment: in Reminders you can create reminders and sub-reminders. I usually do that. But when I swipe to left to see my events in Agenda, I only see the main reminders but I can’t see the sub-reminders of that main reminder. It is something little, but I can see that you are great doing this awesome app, so maybe you could improve that little detail. Thank you so much guys for this amazing and beautiful creation. I feel that I will use it for the rest of my life to manage my things. It is really amazing, thank you so much!!!


You’re one of the rare persons using sub-tasks (as it seems), so a little off-topic question: Doesn’t it bother you that sub-tasks are hidden in Apple Reminder in smart lists like “Today”, “Planned” and all? I already filed an issue but at Apple nobody seems to care.

Oh, you are right! I never noticed that, but it is true… well… If even the reminders app have problems with that, I guess that the best option is just not using the sub-tasks… :frowning:

Quite the contrary. I’d be happy if they did. But they only do in the list where the item is actually in. Anyways, enough about Apple here. It’s Agenda’s turf. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome feedback, so glad you like Agenda so much, thank you for your support!

I hear you on the subreminders, but unfortunately as @michaelheinbockel already points out, this is the mess that Apple has created with the new reminders app.

I’ll try to keep my ranting to a minimum (you can get a taste here if you’re interested :D).

Basically, subreminders don’t exist outside the new reminders app, it’s something that the reminders app administrates itself, syncs independently of the actual reminders itself it seems, and doesn’t make available to the outside. The only bright side I guess is that subreminders are just normal reminders, which means that the subreminders do show up in Agenda (although we had to jump through hoops to make that happen due to yet another bug by Apple), but it’s not possible to show you the subreminders for a given top level reminder, which is I think what you’d like to see. The reminders app manages those relationships internally.

At the moment we have a bunch of open feedback items and bug reports with Apple on various ways they manage to screw up things, it’s obvious (and I guess logical) that under the time pressure of releasing the new features they forgot about the developer APIs. Most noticeable when it comes to handling URLs on reminders, but also with subreminders indeed. Here’s hoping that it will be corrected in iOS14/macOS 10.16 next summer.

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