Spotlight Integration

Hello, I love Agenda, but its achilles heal is Spotlight integration. I’ve purchased the software for two years now, and it has grown to be a wonderful tool (as it was from day 1). The fact that my notes are still not searchable using spotlight remains to be a huge issue for me. You’ve noted for the past two years that it is “on the list”, but I’m wondering if you have a firm integration date. I’ve let Evernote go for the very same reason, and I’m at the point that I really need to be able to quickly find my material from a central location without having to open a number of applications to search individual apps. Do you have a firm date for Spotlight integration?

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Thanks for the feedback!

We don’t really do “firm integration dates”, simply because software development is notoriously unpredictable, and something Apple adds at WWDC can change everything. We can usually only predict the current/next project or two.

What I can do is assure you that this project is really in our roadmap, and important to us. We want to add spotlight support as part of a major search overhaul inside the app. This is a reason it has been pushed back a bit, but when it comes, it should be very nice.

So no dates, but it is something we would certainly like to look at later this year. (No promises, because WWDC is in between, but that is our intention right now…)


Is your roadmap published somewhere? Obsidian publishes a “rough” roadmap in Trello, long-term, short-term, working-on, which give some idea and would diminish questions like these on the forum.

See The features we are working on right now…

Thank you! I know you must get a TON of recommendations. I’ll keep my eyes open on future updates. In the meantime, I’ll really miss Agenda. Being able to find my material from one spot (Spotlight) is just too important to my workflow, I’ve realized. Thanks for all your hard work and for continuing to make this a great tool.

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OK, sorry to see you go. Spotlight is going to be part of a major search overhaul probably later this year, so please check back in a year or so if you are still interested.