Spelling Corrections



What I did: Spell checker functionality irritatingly bad

What happened: When a word is incorrectly spelt it is highlighted with a red underline. To check the spelling or to add/ignore the word you have to highlight the whole thing using your mouse. Most other Apps only require a right-click of the mouse to bring up the contextual menu.

What I expected: Just to right-click and underlined (mis-spelt) word and be able to Add/Ignore

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Agenda Version 2.5 (42)


Thanks for the feedback. We will see what we can do.


That’s not what I’m seeing, you do however have to make sure the note is selected. If I right-click on a word with the red-squibbly line (just in the middle, without selecting the whole word) it works just fine with me. Can you find a pattern under which this doesn’t work?


Thanks for your response. Please see a couple of screenshots

  1. The note is selected and I have ‘right-clicked’ the red-squibbly line. You will notice that the spelling options are greyed out as is the option to Ignore Spelling, Learn Spelling etc.

  1. Here I have highlighted the word by ‘right-clicking’ and dragging. The spelling options plus Ignore Spelling/Learn Spelling are now available.

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Thanks Phil. Indeed, you have to select the word yourself first. Some other apps will select the word automatically when right clicking. We will see if we can support this in future.



Thank you


I was unaware of the spell-checking facility because mistakes are not underlined. There isn’t a setting I can find to turn on checking - is there one?

MacOS 10.14
Agenda version 2.5 Mac App Store
Dark Mode


There isn’t a setting I can find to turn on checking - is there one?

You find it here:

Autocorrect and Notes Import

Thanks. I’m going to get my eyes tested today - I just didn’t spot it.



BETA 4.0
Great to see the improvement in the spell-chek functionality. Previously a mis-spelt word had to be highlighted with the mouse, now its just a case of right-click and the word gets highlighted automatically.

Excellent stuff chaps.


Glad you like it!