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Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a Spark email to Agenda for reference, with or without the spark link? Either in iOS or on Mac, or preferably both?

Thanks for your assistance before I take this on in shortcuts. I am not a very good shortcut maker.

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Good question. I wish I had a good solution for this.

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I simply copy and paste the link for the relevant email or thread in Spark, into the Agenda note. I either just paste the url or use cmd K to make a link to the relevant text, eg: “see email”.

A slight annoyance is that the email is opened in a browser, and you have to click “open in app” to work with the email.

On a practical note, I tend to only do this when I really need easy access to an email thread, perhaps in a note in preparation for a meeting when the email will be discussed. I tend not to use it otherwise, instead I might say in a note “emailed Bill about X”, and rely on searching Spark to find the email in the rare event that I need to refer to it. Making a link everytime is too much work.


I have asked Spark developers to add a service that would enable a “save to clipboard” option for the backlink to a message, or another method of generating backlinks and working with them directly. (To be clear, this is different than creating a weblink to view a message on the web – this is the kind of link that would directly open the Spark app on your device to the email in question.)

Currently, they have integration with services such as Things, OmniFocus, and some others, which create, e.g., a task with the backlink recorded in the note field. You can copy the resulting link and paste it into Agenda, but obviously this is clumsy. If you agree with me that having a more direct access to backlinks would be useful, please email Spark support using the “Send Feedback” menu to add your vote to the idea – hopefully, it will motivate them to work on this in the near future.


Thank you. I have already sent it.

OK, I have found a solution but I dont know how to turn it into a shortcut.

If you take a Spark Email and through spark actions, save it to bear, (which i own to), then export from bear to drafts, in markdown, then you can use a the draft actions to create the note in agenda with the link back to the original email. This is the solution I was looking to create, but it is a lot of steps.

Can anyone assist me in automating it? Or suggest where I could go to figure it out?

What I do in Spark is highlight the whole email or the part I wish to have appear in Agenda, then go to the print option where there is an another option to save as PDF. Then I go into Agenda and attach the saved file to my Agenda note. It does not, however, have a link back to the Spark email.

I have asked Spark if they could provide the same kind of URL on Mac as they do for instance if you use the built in service share. Spark also provide to create a link, but that is a Weblink, meaning anyone with that link will be able to see the email, which is deffintly not OK in many cases.
You can use the naitive and drag-and-drop into Agenda, which works perfect, and support all platforms.
I would also prefer if spak and Agenda could find a solution for the Spark service menu.

Thanks for Sharing

I have the same problem because I am a user of Spark and Agenda at the same time. Besides using the link provided for each email by Spark, that, besides security problem, I found quite useful, I wrote, as some of you did, months ago to Spark to ask an integration of Agenda in the apps working with their app. They replied saying they have sent my request to the Spark developers.
However, I think that if as many Agenda and Spark users as possible will write to Spark asking for this integration we could get it sooner.


I use Agenda, Spark and Evernote. Spark will create an Evernote note containing the email and a backlink to the original email in Spark. This works very well and is extremely productive. +1 for a similar integration between Spark and Agenda.


So with my roundabout method I created two different automations and it got almost all the way there.

On Mac, I use Spark and manually create a new note in Bear. Bear automatically opens, I manually export as a markdown document to a folder I created. Hazel moves the folder and creates a draft in DRAFTS and then I manually send to agenda. (If you are reading this and have a better idea I am all ears.)

On iOS, I use Spark to export to Bear, Bear Opens, I use the sharesheet to execute a shortcut I created to export to DRAFTS in Markdown. Then I manually send to Agenda

In both cases, the end note in agenda, has the link back to the original email in spark.

I am open to other solutions.

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Continuing the discussion from Spark App to Agenda:

Actually, I use Microsoft To-Do for my reminders. Microsoft To-Do can appear in Apple Reminders if you create a Microsoft account (like hotmail) amongst your accounts on the macOS and the iOS. In Spark I just move the email I want to be reminded me to Microsoft To Do (where I have a list call “Inbox”) via Reminders (which is an app working with Spark). In this way, the link at that email will appear even on Agenda Calendar (right side). Please, notice that the entire email text will be saved on Reminder-To Do. However, to read it you have to open the link at Reminders, it is not possible to read it directly in Agenda. Hope this can help anyway.