Spacing between lines



There isn’t visually in Word because their default paragraph spacing is 0 cm for and after a paragraph while we have some spacing by default:

The moment you change this setting you’ll see that wrapped lines stay the same distance and paragraphs start moving apart.


Exactly. All we (the single-spacers in this thread) want is to be able to set that to 0. Until then, I’m sticking with Apple Notes.


We plan to have some good news very soon…


Good news, the upcoming version 5 update will include the ability to adjust line spacing :partying_face:


Great! But I can’t find the preference setting to make this adjustment?


On macOS it’s simply in the View menu:

While on iOS you’ll find it in the Agenda preferences:


To take this analogy, no you don’t have to bake your own bread, but you probably do have to pay a bit extra if you want it with sesame seeds on top instead of the standard white loaf. Like whether you prefer standard or sesame, whether the defaults of Agenda is to your liking is largely a matter of personal taste.


I guess we just disagree here as to what is essential and what is an add-on. In the end of the day it’s less relevant though if we circle back to another comment you made before the one I quoted:

Please tell me why, in an ORGANIZING application, we must pay in order to make the whole thing readable and therefor useable.

Because quite frankly, if you don’t pay us for anything there simply will be no application to start with. Like the baker needs to charge you money for the bread he bakes for you otherwise he’ll go out of business.

In the end it’s simple, we feel that the standard settings allow you to give a very good feel of what the app is about, allows you to test it, see if the workflows fit etc. Now if you feel it does, and you want the app to be around for a while instead of its developers being forced to move on to something else, then we feel it’s fair you pay us for doing so.

For you, line spacing was of the essential to really like the app but you perhaps wouldn’t care less for some of the other premium features. For others it’s the opposite. In the end of the day, perhaps try to think less of feature XX, and more about supporting our work so we continue improving the app and make sure it will keep on working well for you.


I guess we do. :grin:

But it’s not really the money aspect, which you seem to be focusing on. I actually am planning on purchasing the premium options soon. I was waiting until this option was available so I could use your app properly.

Like I mentioned before, not being able to improve readability was, in my ánd the opinion of others, a big flaw of your app. I respect and understand your way of doing things, I really do. Yet, still I think it should be a free option because of this.


Like the new line spacing option. I’m now at the minimum line spacing for everything, and sometimes I could use even less spacing to fit something on screen without scrolling during a phone call or something, because vertical screen space is always limited.

What I can’t find is a difference between line spacing and paragraph spacing. When I type a paragraph with several lines, the lines have the same spacing as the spacing between that and the next paragraph after I hit Enter. In effect I have to add an empty paragraph in between, which seems awkward.

What am I doing wrong?



Not really, if you indeed choose this option you effectively have the same system as Notes and other plain text editors use, where you need to “manually” separate paragraphs by adding an empty line/paragraph.


Are you considering to add a different option for line height and paragraph spacing?


Not at the moment, very few people would go to the ends of tweaking both individually.


The one slider is used for both spacing. Basically line height decreases to a minimum, and then the paragraph spacing drops to zero. So you should be able to find a setting just above minimum where you get a bit of paragraph spacing, but he line height is still minimum.