Spacing between lines



We have plans to give more control over the appearance of the text styles, including line heights. But I wanted to point out that the line height in Agenda is quite normal. It is almost identical to that used in Bear (see screenshot).

Where people probably think it is bigger is that the paragraph spacing in Agenda is bigger. In Bear and other apps, there is no paragraph spacing at all, just the normal line spacing, and you actually have to type two enters to get a new paragraph. That comes from the fact that they are markdown editors, where double enter is a new paragraph.

Agenda uses standard styled text conventions, such as in Pages. You use a single enter for a new paragraph. To make a list, you use a list style, etc. If you stick to these basic conventions, you documents look fantastic. So much better than double spaced markdown IMO


I’d like to put in a plug for adjustable line spacing.

I’m a journalist and new Agenda user. There are lots of ways in which I prefer it to Tinderbox. However, I’ve decided I simply can’t use it if it makes all text double spaced. I take a lot of notes. They are just too long in Agenda. Spacing is more important to me even than tyopgraphy choice. I hope you will consider moving this request up your list. When you do, I will be back. Great work on a cool app!


John B


Thanks for the feedback, John. We do have plans to add settings for this.

Note that it is not double spaced. I don’t think it is even 1.5, but it is a little more spread out.


That’s fantastic, Drew. For me at least, that will be so useful. It will make me feel a lot more comfortable putting lots of content in (e.g, interview notes, etc.)

I’ve found myself using Agenda instead of Tinderbox quite a lot these past two weeks. Having everything in one app where it is all visible at once, it’s preferable to separate documents. And Tinderbox is cool but complex. I’m also using it in conjunction with Omnifocus (which I view with a m mixture of fondness and exasperation). It’s helpful to have a bit more context around certain to dos. Anyway, great app and clearly getting better all the time.





+1 for a different space between lines.

I use agenda for telegraphic notes like meeting notes and bullet points.
I think is even more important to have the possibility to have regular spaces between paragraphs considering that in a “telegraphic” approach every line is basically a different paragraph.

Anyway remember that sometimes is really useful to start a new line even if you don’t want to start a new block of text like I did in my second paragraph in this post. I think that readability for every subjective purpose is a must have for a note application.
My advice is to consider the possibility to start a new line with regular spacing like every text editor and not just adding an option for line spacing in the settings.

Thanks for listening our feedback.


I would like to +1 this request (request++).
And I am not talking about the space between paragraphs (I actually like the spacing between paragraphs), but the spacing between lines in the same paragraph is a bit too mush to what other applications use (from this website, to the terminal on Mac, to even regular text editors that don’t rely on markdown… eg: Sublime Text).


I’d also like to see control of line spacing as a preference. I’d like control of line spacing for lines in a single paragraph and line spacing between paragraphs.


+1 also on the ability to reduce space between lines and paragraphs…
I hope it’s coming soon. Especially on iOS !


+1 for spacing, images + spacing and I am in