Sorting lines in lists

… it would be a great feature for me to ne able move single lines of a list (checkbox, etc.) in order to sort them …

Now I have to move each line with copy & paste … or is there an other solution that I have not found yet ?




This is indeed an area where we hope to bring more options. Stay tuned!

eg. this is what I mean …

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Thanks, we’ll have a look

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Yes!! This!

Hate to revive something over a year ago, but can’t find any more recent, relevant info regarding this feedback - besides the mention of list manipulation in The features we are working on right now….

I’m sure there’s gotta be a lot of scatter-brained people out there like me that would really benefit from some sorting options within notes.

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Are you referring to manual drag and drop or say sort lines alphabetically? What kind of sort options would you like to see?

Hope you soon give us the ability to drag and drop lines for sorting lists! This will highly increase the usability of e.g. brainstorming- and task-lists, and is a feature present e.g. in Notion and Things.