Single step: complete and remove from agenda

I pretty much always “complete” a note and then immediately “remove from agenda”. Mouse-move, click, mouse-move, click, mouse-move, click, mouse-move, click, mouse-move. 8 gestures.

I wish these could be done as a single task, preferably with a single click rather than a drop down. Mouse-move, click, mouse-move. 3 gestures. Even if I have to do that twice, it’s 6 gestures = 2 gestures shorter than the current arrangement and shorter mouse moves.

The current drop down is more like what I expect if I right click a note, although those are usually press, drag, release menus, (fewer gestures). Left click should be immediate, do-it-now sorts of transitions, IMO.

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We originally did have a single click for this, but later other options were added that led to a menu. Will consider it. Thanks!

There is in fact a power user feature that allows you to do this: on mac if you hold the alt/option key while selecting the Note menu you will see Mark as Done change to Mark as Done Completely, which does what you want and in addition to marking the note also removes it from On the Agenda. There’s also the ⌥⌘ ⏎ keyboard shortcut that also works on iOS.

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ U Mark as On the Agenda / Remove from On the Agenda
⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done / Undone
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)

I assume this is when a keyboard is connected.

Hopefully you’ll consider adding an option to agenda button actions list, for those of us tapping screens with our fingers :slight_smile:

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I tried holding the option while selecting the Note like you described and it only marked the note as done, not “done completely”.

It’s not the note you need to click, I was referring to the Note menu at the top of the screen. Let me know if that helps.

My bad, I misunderstood it. It did behave like you said.

I’ve never seen app menus change based on some key being hold. Is it usual? Do other applications feature this? I know it’s unrelated to Agenda but I just got curious, it was such an unexpected feature for me.

Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, it is a bit hidden, but it has always been part of macOS. In many apps, you get a variation of the menu when holding in Alt. It’s a standard feature that Apple makes easy for developers to support, though I admit, it can be a bit hidden.

Try for example opening the View menu in Safari and press the alt/option key… Or the File menu in Finder…

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I’ve used mac for 6 years and it never occurred to me to press alt while browsing app menus. I would bet it never did to most users. It doesn’t seem to me to be good usability, I just discovered a bunch of features in some apps that I would have sooner if all those menu options were visible.

So, thanks for leading me to this discovery, but also please consider making upcoming features more visible!

Alas, it’s the classic balance between power user features and ending up with overloaded large menus that scare away novice users. We feel the current way is the right balance in that respect. Note that we you can also find an overview of all menu commands here:

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How do you do that on iOS?

Apple uses this in macos itself. That’s how you “open” things that aren’t signed, browse into your Library, and it used to be how you’d rebuild the database in aperture, iphoto, itunes.

The keyboard shortcuts are the same if you have a keyboard attached. Without one attached you can’t complete and remove in a single step on iOS/iPadOS at the moment.

Lol. Yep. That’s pretty well hidden, and not very discoverable, then.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Now on Version 11 you have the option to chose always remove from on the Agenda when marking as done.
If you have chosen this option. How do you change later, if you want to?

  • on iOS you can reset all warnings under setting > support (I think, then you can chose again)
  • but what abaout on Mac?

If you have chosen this option. How do you change later, if you want to?

  • on iOS you can reset all warnings under setting > support (I think, then you can chose again)


  • but what abaout on Mac?

If you hold the alt/option key while selecting the Agenda menu from the main menu bar, it should show the same Reset Warnings… option below the item to open the Preferences.

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Thank you. It does.

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