'Show Related Notes’ and ‘Show Recently Edited’ barely visible in Mac app

I’m using Version 18.3.2 (295) - Mac App Store.

When the 'Show Related Notes’ and ‘Show Recently Edited’ panels are open in the Mac app, there’s no problem, but when I collapse them, they can barely be seen.

I’ve masked my events and reminders in these screenshots.



I noticed a while back that the recent and related notes weren’t visible at all! This post has prompted me to try to find them.

Clicking in that empty area below the expanded calendar got Recently Edited notes to show again.

I got Related Notes to show after selecting a note which had a link to another note - I also clicked randomly in that space and selected other notes. Not sure exactly what led to Related Notes showing again.

It seems like these two aspect of the right hand panel had got ‘lost’ somehow and needed to be triggered to show again.

So you are saying they disappear completely? I haven’t seen that.

Could it be that this is related to dark mode? Eg. it switches from dark mode, and those items do not update, so they are white on a white background?

If I collapse either of the panels they are almost completely invisible. If you zoom in on my image you will see you can make them out very faintly - they are there and they respond to clicks.

I don’t use dark mode.

It’s been like this since I started using Agenda. I was going to post a question asking about how I find the Related panel.

Disappeared completely for me - at least I didn’t notice any ghost of them in normal use, perhaps I would have if I’d taken a screen shot and enlarged it.

I never use dark mode on Agenda on my Mac.

Any chance you have activated a high contrast or other accessibility setting?

I don’t have any such settings and haven’t noticed any similar issues.

Also, I have just installed Agenda on my MacBook Pro, and it has the same issue. I think trebso above is describing the same issue as me.

Happy to help you debug in any way I can. I will buy a lifetime Agenda license as soon as my trial expires - I love it!

Same here on MAC & also on iPad. Sorry to sound snarky but I rarely use either of these misplaced, under developed children of Agenda. That’s another topic.


Ah, are you perhaps collapsing the top palette (calendar) as well by default?

In my case I normally have ‘Show Timeline’ expanded, as in my screenshots. But it collapses fine. It’s just the other two panels where the options ‘Show Recently Edited’ and ‘Related Notes’ basically become invisible when collapsed.

Really weird, if there’s anything you can find out that influences this let us know. If you quit and restart the app they’re immediately invisible?

The state of the panels remains the same after I close and reopen the app, so if I have them closed (and barely visible), when I reopen they are the same. I’m keeping them open, so it’s not really a problem.

If you install Agenda freshly on a Mac, are they visible when collapsed? Seems odd that only me and trebso are affected.


Maybe something worth trying is removing the app preferences. They can corrupt and cause odd issues.

This is how you can do that on Mac…

To remove the preferences file:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  3. Enter this exactly
  4. Drag com.momenta.agenda.macos.plist to the Trash.
  5. Restart the Mac.
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I’ve run into a couple of cases where the application saved state has caused problems; solved by deleting it.

I tried, but it didn’t work.

Agenda started with the welcome screen and then prompted me to decide whether to keep the sample projects. However, when I closed the panels, they became almost invisible again.

I will ask my partner to try installing Agenda on her Mac when she has some free time.

OK, I guess the preferences are not the problem.