Modification of Edited & Related Features

Inspired reading a support request for a bug; got carried away 'Show Related Notes’ and ‘Show Recently Edited’ barely visible in Mac app

It would be nice if the Recently Edited feature in the right side bar were more visible and further developed. The Recently Edited project level feature in the left side bar is a great example of a possibility, with its’ clock icon that you can always see and a choice of time period filters to show only the appropriate projects.

It would be even more effective with the project criteria also applied to the notes level if and when on and display only filtered notes of the filtered projects. The Recently Edited Notes level feature in the right side panel would inherit the project filter criteria, even if none, as the default if selected. From that point only narrower note filters would be selectable. However control click would allow the selection of wider note filtering by applying the selection to the projects level as well. Deselecting either would cancel its’ respective filtering, project or note level.

1.0 filtered notes are shown in the notes panel where they are worked on

2.0 project and notes off= everything everywhere all at once

2.1 project on, notes off= filtered projects shown, all notes of selected project

2.2 projects off, notes on= all projects shown, notes of selected project by selected notes filter

2.3 projects on, notes on= filtered projects shown, filtered notes shown at scope for selected project. narrower note filtering is selectable

2.3.1 ctl click allows wider than current project selection by widening project filter

Some interesting ideas here. I worry it gets a bit complicated.

Agenda 19 is adding some serious search improvements, and I think they could help a lot with this type of filtering. (Agenda 20 will build on it even more)

We’ll take it along. Thanks!