Shortcut to import a note to obsidian

I’m trying to create a shortcut that upon opening obsidian, it asks me what note I want to import; then it creates a .md file in a previously specified folder containing the Text and asks for a title (or automatically grabs the note title). So far I managed to do this:

Open Obsidian → Get Markdown of note [agenda shortcut] (Note markdown) (it then prompts me the available notes) → Create markdown format text of Note Markdown → Obtain text...

I don’t know how to then generate the file in my obsidian’s vault folder. Any help?

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Just did it for MacOS. I did the exact same steps using iOS shortcuts and it is giving me a format error, but anyways:
Just set the Folder to the folder you want in obsidian.
It will ask, when run, for the related agenda note you want (one by one).
TIP: if you are using periodic notes, you can assign the daily notes folder to that one you are sending your agenda files, and, with calendar plugin, you can select the notes related to that date (make sure to use ISO 8601 date format).
TIP 2: You can run it directly in obsidian, download Shortcut Launcher plugin and assign the shortcut to it. It will then be turned into an obsidian cmd+p command.
TIP 3: If you use commander, you can add this command as an icon to your tabs.

EDIT: Here’s the shortcut for iOS. You can set it as an automation when opening obsidian so you’ll never forget to import your agenda notes:


Agenda to Obsidian 3.0 is ready! I was having issues with the old shortcut, it stopped to obtain the right creation date, so now it works like that:

  1. When the shortcut runs, it will prompt for all dates within the files (created dates, dates inside the text, etc)
  2. Now, you won’t get repeated text anymore! It will look for the text, and if they are the same, nothing will happens.
  3. If there’s different text, it will just edit that text, while remaining other notes done in the same day into your periodic note.

Link: Shortcuts

EDIT: Lol, trying to fix an issue where it isn’t obtaining any note, if none is assigned (not even creation date, IDK what happened and am waiting for an answer in support) :confused:


New update! Agenda to Obsidian 3.1 is out!

  • Rewrote it completely
  • Will look for all dates within a file (Creation dates and dates inside text)
  • Will update your text, not append to it

Link: Shortcuts

How to use: Select your obsidian daily notes/periodic notes folder where the comment points

Done! Open obsidian and run the shortcut, you can use shortcut launcher plugin and also automate it in your iphone/ipad upon opening obsidian!
Works with any local first markdown app, just select the appropriate folder.

If any bugs are found, tell me

Thanks for doing this! I downloaded the shortcut and am seeing this, though. Am I missing something?

I no longer use it because I went full agenda now, but from what I remember, this happens because the shortcut for iOS is theoretically different than the shortcut for Mac, that’s why it shows as unknown, but even though they are different, it works in both. If it is working than you should be fine. Tell me if you are having issues and I’ll try to add the proper action for Mac and iOS differently

I’m afraid that’s not it because that particular issue has since been fixed by Apple, instead due to a newly enforced limit we were forced to merge a number of actions into a single one. It sounds like the shortcut is using one of these that got merged into another and therefore is no longer available. We’ll be updating the shortcuts reference to indicate these tomorrow.

Update: I’ve updated the Shortcut reference with details on which Shortcuts are no longer available and how to replace them: Agenda Shortcuts and Reference

Did you manage to solve it?

See above, you will need to replace the “Unknown Action” with the alternatives mentioned in Agenda Shortcuts and Reference

Alright, I just asked him to know if he managed to do it with the new replacements. I couldn’t do it before because I’m quite busy