Sharing Agenda Notes to Things3 not possible

Hello, everybody,
I have read a lot about Agenda and I am happy to use this tool in my work. Beside Agenda I also use Things3 for my tasks, completions, etc… Before I bought Agenda Premium, sharing notes with Things3 worked. Unfortunately this is no longer possible. I do not see any error messages or similar. (I go to a note > Share > Add to Things = nothing happens.) Could you please help me. The integration to Things3 is very important for me.

Macos: 10.14.6
Agenda: 9.1.2 (107)
Things3: Version 3.11 (31100519)

Not to be tooooooo snarky, but if you do a search on’Things(3)’ you may just find ‘several’ such threads in this Community Forum, particularly with responses by the Devs. :wink:

I’m not a Things3 user so not sure what might have changed, perhaps others who do could help diagnose the problem, try these:

this is a work around, may not be perfect, but it seems to work for me. Agenda integrates with Apple Reminders(not a secret) but Things 3 integrates with Apple Reminders. So this is what i did:

  1. in apple reminders create a list (i call mine Agenda)
  2. in things go to settings- reminders inbox, turn on feature and select your list. (these first steps are a one time set up)
  3. in Agenda select the item you would like to be reminded about and set the reminder. While in the reminder be sure to set the date, time and list. (again for me it is Agenda) then create reminder.
  4. Go back into things and in your inbox will be your reminder with a title of the sentence you wanted to be reminded about with the date, time and a Agenda link to the note. Once you tap on the reminder, it will move into the today or upcoming spot.

what you will see in Agenda:
In the note, the reminder icon will be grayed out with a x. This is because the reminder has been moved. The reminder will then come through things rather than reminders.

Hope this helps.