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Thanks Stacey. Glad you are still with us.

Didn’t mean to intimidate you with the “technical” sample. The samples were supposed to be a variety of different types of scenarios. We were hoping one of them would be relatable to most people. The technical one would really only appeal to technical customers and hopefully be ignored by others.

It’s definitely something that I needed to get familiarized with and really appreciate the insight and helpful insight that Agenda community has to offer. I recently started a blog and designing a website, and familiarizing myself with these topics has been extremely useful.

Hope you enjoyed the Holidays :christmas_tree: :gift:

Stacey Davis

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Two things to share that I hope are valuable.

  1. I bought this app without really knowing how I would use it on the strength of strong recommendations from some notable people (Viticci especially - that guy costs me a fortune in apps!) and, most importantly, because I found the UI delightful.

A lot of powerful apps have fairly ugly UIs. The reasoning might be that what power users want is functionality and to spend time making something look lovely is seen as frivolous. Well not to this guy. I love apps that make me feel good when I use them so if you ever wonder if spending so much effort on making the app look and feel great is worth it, remember me and I’m sure the many like me who have happily handed over some money in no small part because of it.

  1. My main task management app is and will almost certainly always be OmniFocus. Once you’re in it’s damn hard not to remain in. Agenda offers me something very different and the more it can integrate with OmniFocus the better. So that’s my number one hope for the future of Agenda. Be the place where my notes and attachments live when I have active projects that I manage in OmniFocus.

Oh, and I’d love alternative app icons. Just, you know, because they’re cool.

Thanks for making this app. And have a great new year.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Before we developed Agenda I was an avid OF user too. But over time, it became more and more just a bunch of checklists, and a daily to do: I didn’t use the GTD stuff (eg contexts) anymore.

When Agenda was ready, I tried to move a few projects over to that. After about a month, I closed down OF for good. I love the fluidity of free form note taking, using checklists, to the very rigid outliner approach. It is much easier to mix in other info. For the due-to-do list, I just moved some stuff to reminders. After that, there was really nothing left for OF to do for me.

YMMV but for me, having my task lists right in there with my other notes, in a single project, was more important than all the other fancy stuff OF can give you.

Hi, just got Agenda a few days ago, and I’ve wrote more notes than I have in the last 5 years! I’ve been searching for an app with good reliable calander + time sensitive app for years, and it looks like I’ve just found it.

Though, one problem I’m noticing is when I make multiple notes under the same project, the notes aren’t ordered correclty, and Agenda places notes later on my calander first (ex. places Jan. 5 note above Jan 3 and Jan 2). Other than that, no complains.

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Notes are ordered by default in reverse chronological order, like a facebook timeline. The most recent are at the top.

You can change the order by clicking/tapping the project title at the top of the list, and scrolling to the bottom. There is an item there to reverse the order for that project.

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I can see that. It’s useful for me to have the Perspectives that OmniFocus offers. Because I run my own business I have lots of different projects broken into actions and those actions have to appear in the right way. So if I’m busy and need quick actions, or I’m feeling focused and want to tackle tasks that require more thinking, and so on.

I’ve actually noticed that I’m using Agenda almost like a journal for my projects. I even have a personal journal in there.

Agenda is such an odd app, in the best possible way, that I suspect everyone will use it a little differently.

Oh, I see the option now. Thanks!

@robbie07: For me, too: Reminders and Contacts is important. Both topics are on the road map:

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Then again; reminder integration is less important (to me) than Addressbook (Contacts) now that I have found out how easy it is to plan stuff in Agenda - without annoying alarms and things.

Just asign a date range to items with deadlines and put them on the agenda so you will be reminded of them regularly. And if it helps, link them to calendar events.

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A great App that I am still getting my head around. I have been using for a few weeks now - only the IOS app as I use a windows based desktop (when I use it these days). It took me a while to get ithe app working how I wanted and I am still rearranging and changing as I learn more. However I think it is an app that is worth the time and energy to get it set up how you want.

I could probably use other apps to do what I do but I like the layout of Agenda. I Like a clean layout and Agenda is helping with this.
I collapse the majority of categories and use saved searches to bring up what I need. Some categories I will goto less frequently for example I Keep pdf Manuals and documents that I am likely to refer to offline under one category this will be opened less frequently than other categories.

My main goto categories are the Experiences category, which at this stage has two Projects ‘Events’ and ‘Dining’, and the Projects Category which contains all my active or todo projects. In one respect I am using a Project as a Sub Category and my notes as a project. Each note has an Overview section, an Activity list and Tags to indicate status I.e todo, started, inprogress etc. using a single note to cover an entire project means I can get all the info when I use the tag search. I keep pretty much everything collapsed and expand when needed.

I also store documents and manuals on my own cloud and use a link these to access when need.

I have found that it is not always easy to find where things are on the IOS version as often the help refers to File Menu which doesn’t appear to be on the IOS version. But hey I’m retired so have the time ( well sort off) to search and play with the app.

Overall I think this is a great app. I also use Evernote and do so only because of the cross platform syncing. (Android phone, Windows PC and IPad). My current work around is using google calendar; that way date dependent projects are seen on the android and I can use the iOS app if I need further information.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to see what the future brings to Agenda.


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I’ve overseen this app when I tried it the first time, some months ago. But two weeks ago I bought it and I can tell you, I’m so happy with it that I’ve closed all my other stuff for todos and notes today.

I’m using Agenda on my workstation (macMini), my macBookPro, the iPhone, and an iPad.

Also I appreciate this community, more or less built into the app. Better than any help-page!

Keep on goin’


Thank you so much, that’s wonderful to hear!

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Hello @mekentosj , any updates on this? Thanks!