Search your notes and find the info you need instantly with Agenda 19

Want to see what’s new in Agenda 19 ? In this video I’ll go over the redesigned search and show how it’s simpler yet more powerful…



My daily tool for everything! Thanks for this update, now my meeting tasks and patient pendencies are going to be easily accessible


Thank you so much for your kind words @artehur :smiling_face:


Hi, when I search for a word it jumps to the relevant note the word is in but it doesn’t highlight the wird within the note. Why?

It’s something that will return in a future update

Please make it return. For me search is almost useless if I can’t find it within a particular note. It’s like needing to search for a word in a document but you’re only allowed to search on your computer for the document the word is located in. This is a really basic feature and I don’t understand why it’s gone.

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We completely changed search in Agenda. Results are now presented in a popover, instead of inline in your notes. This has a bunch of advantages:

  • It is much, much faster
  • It doesn’t disturb what you are working on unless you explicitly choose a result
  • It integrates with Spotlight, and as a result, will also integrate with upcoming AI from Apple

These changes meant search was completely different to how it was implemented before. The old way of moving through a long list of files, with the highlights, was replaced with the new way.

The new system does not work with specific locations in notes. It just says “this note has the word”. So we lost a little functionality in the process, and rather than delay the whole release, we decided to postpone that particular feature (…since most notes in Agenda tend to be quite short anyway).

The good news is that we haven’t forgotten about it, and will be working to add highlighting of words back on the matching note, so you can more easily see where the match occurs.