Search function needs improvements

Search does not work.

For instance, if I want to find “on site” there is no way to perform this search:

  • Just the words on site match either the words “on” or “site” which is pretty much every message.
  • Using quotes like “on site” does not modify this behavior.
  • Trying on-site also does not modify the behavior (and wouldn’t have worked anyhow).

This is sad. I really need to find some content. Too many notes, no way to find it.


There’s definitely room for improvement, boolean searches and ideally also phrase searching are on our wishlist too.

Ps. I’ve edited the topic title, we kindly ask to keep the language appropriate and not use all caps etc.


Search definitely needs improvement. Even TextEdit supports phase search, so the features listed by @zac are the very basic features that any users expect.

Does Agenda not use macOS’ Search Kit ( I felt the lack of search features in Agenda strange, because they are usually the features provided by API, not something individual app developers need to implement themselves. Maybe there is some reason for the lack of search features in Agenda, but the point is that the requested search features are something very basic at least to users, because most text editors support them through API.

Given that Agenda is only 2 years old and we’re also a two-man team, there are definitely still areas that are very basic, this is one. Another one is for example the lack of a tag editor and tag-autocompletion. We will address them in future updates, but there’s only 24h in a day and such… See also The features we are working on right now…

I’ll add a +1 for boolean and phrase search (boolean is more important because I can create phrases that way) - it’s actually fairly crucial. From my perspective, this is a basic utility rather than a flourish.

I don’t know if I just missed it, but I don’t see the boolean search in the upcoming features. Is there a timeline for it?

No timeline but definitely on our to-do list.