RTL Support on iOS

It would be great if you could add right-to-left support for Arabic, Hebrew, etc… It’s native in the OS, so it should not be too hard. Also, the ability to change fonts would be great. Greek does not look so hot in the defaul font….


I guess by RTL, you mean you want right aligned, correct? As far as I know, the RTL text does work, but is left aligned.

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It is almost impossible to write in Arabic when it’s left aligned.

Sure, was just asking if that was the request. Sounds like it is: right aligned RTL text.

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I vote also for RTL writing

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I love Agenda as if it was the app that I never knew I needed. As of now, RTL is the only feature that I feel is missing for my use case.

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We’ll do our best to support it when we also start localise the app in Arabic, Hebrew, etc

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Count another vote for RTL formatting. This little change would mean a lot to all of us RTL users!

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Yep. RTL Please.

Yes, RTL would be great. I love the app but when I write in Hebrew it all comes out messy.

Any thoughts on when you might be adding this feature?


RTL text itself is not that difficult. The problem is, that is usually not what people expect. They expect an RTL user interface, ie, sidebar on right etc etc. That is a lot more work, I’m afraid.

Hi, RTL text alone is completely sufficient. The RTL UI is about localization and it is a much bigger job and from development experience of 30 years and over 7 million RTL users - it is not key at all.

But the mere appearance of Arabic or Hebrew text aligned to the left in a note with the commas reversing to the opposite side is borderline offensive sometimes to these regions.

This is just a suggestion, but Apple has 100% native support of RTL and simply switching it on will go a long way with a 1.5 billion population audience :slight_smile:

Full localization is not as important and can definitely wait.

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Thak you for your reply. As Eli mentiones below, RTL text is all we are asking for. I wouldn’t use the app in hebrew, I prefer using it in UI English. We just ask that as we choose to write some notes in Hebrew, that the text would apear apropriatly.

Thank you.

OK, thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider splitting the localisation from basic RTL support in the English app.


Thank you.

I have been using the app for a few months now and want to buy the full version but I am waiting to see this resolved before I do so as the app is problematic for me without the RTL support.

+1 for RTL support. It’s last thing missing for me in the app :wink:

Any update on when we can be expecting this feature?

We haven’t set a date yet, I’m afraid. It is not as simple as flicking a switch. Things like tags and check boxes get messed up with this change. We need to spend some time on it. Hopefully get to it next year.

I really enjoy Agenda and I hope for RTL support (Right Aligned).

Thanks. Really looking forward to it.