Repeats and Templates

Today I am finally giving a real shot at agenda. It’s beautiful and I feel like I’m going to love it.
I feel like it is abnormally slow. It takes a second to switch between empty projects. I wouldn’t mind if only this wasn’t running on an A12X Bionic… Feels like an electron app (is it electron?).
I also can’t figure out how to do repeating tasks/note/reminders. Am I missing something? This really feels like an app that would be subject to repeatable or templatable notes.

I am sure I will have more positive feedback once this app and I get to know each other a little better…

The app is 100% native. No electron in there, or even HTML.

We have discovered a delay when clicking in the left panel. It is related to recognizing double clicks, and we think we can replace that and make it feel a lot faster for changing projects.

We don’t have any way to repeat a note other than copy and paste. Templates are something we definitely plan to add — they are in the roadmap — but it is not too difficult to get this functionality now with TextExpander, or simply by setting up a template note and copying it to make new notes. Real templates will come down the track.

Thanks for the feedback!

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when is ‘down the track’ ?
Not necessarily for the templates, but for whatever change and improvement to the app. The app is great at the moment, but you’re having so many great ideas and ways to implement them and It’s quite long time since the last (beta) version had been issued. I need to see things moving, that feels good! :slight_smile:

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We issue major updates generally every 3-4 months. We can’t make predictions about things down the list. Things near the top we have some idea about. For example, we are about to release support for drawing/handwriting on iOS with Pencil, scanning of documents on iOS, and official dark mode.

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