Repeat events

Cool. Thanks for the reply. Yes it would be a nice-to-have indeed. Glad to hear you thought about it and decided against it to be honest. Just tells me you guys are prioritizing the right way. =)

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Would it be possible to have an option for recurring events in calendar to reassign note automatically to the next occurrence upon marking note as done?

This would be in the realm of templates, something we’re considering indeed.

Is it anywhere on your further releases agenda?(excuse the pun)

Templates are certainly on our roadmap, but still a ways out I’m afraid. Can’t give any estimate of time at this point.

Update: Templates are now part of Agenda v10, be sure to check them out!

Is there any plan to allow note to be linked to a repeated event?

Most of my meetings are repeated weekly events, so tracking progress/agenda/talking/action points becomes almost “must have” feature. (also fellow app allows it)

Yes, you can link notes to the individual instances of a repeating event, you can however not link the same note to multiple instances of a repeating event, which is I think what you are asking for. My suggestion would be to consider two things:

  1. if your weekly events always have a similar structure/agenda, consider using a template note that you can use when you create a new note for an event.

  2. if you create a new note to an instance of repeating event, Agenda will automatically insert the link to the previous event in the series, which allows you to easily jump back to the previous note.

Together this should make it less needed to use the same note for multiple events, which goes against our philosophy of making sure you keep a paper trail of your past (i.e. be able to see the notes exactly as they were 3 weeks ago at the meeting), as opposed to keep an “live” note where you inevitably end up deleting things from 3 weeks ago as they are no longer relevant.

Thanks for the update.

Unfortunately sometimes it all about “state”, so, ideally, in addition to the link to the previous “version” of the note it has it’s content.

That’s perfectly fine and indeed very normal, however we believe it’s better to in that case follow the link to the previous note, copy its entire contents, go back and paste it in the new note for the current event, using it as a starting point from which to continue from. That way you ensure the previous state is properly preserved instead of erased and can be used to later compare, backtrace, use as a paper trail etc.

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Ive just checked, link to the previous note is awesome. But is there way to, maybe, automate copying of the note content as well? Maybe as a little tick box somewhere in the settings that can appear in the future versions? :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:

We’ll think about it, though in general are not big fans of adding more options/UI easily, so I can’t promise anything at this point.

Can I ask for an example of having a link inserted to the previous ones? I’m having trouble with the steps.

Provided you have a repeating event in your calendar (in the system calendar app), if you link note A to one instance (say, this Monday’s team meeting) and do this again with note B next week (linked to next week Monday’s team meeting), a link should be inserted in note B that points to the previous note A.

Resurrecting an old thread - I think, maybe, perhaps there’s a bug in here? Or maybe a works-as-designed? I totally agree with the approach you’ve taken, where a repeating event creates a new note and links to the previous one, but doing that seems to update the linked date on the previous note to the new note’s date.

For example, if I have a weekly meeting that starts on July 1, the first time I create a linked note to that event I get a note linked to the event with the date set to July 1, perfect. A week later, when I create a new note for the event, it creates a new one, links to the previous one, and then sets BOTH note’s date to July 8.

Is that supposed to happen or is it a bug? For me it seems like a bug as I lose the date associated with last week’s note, but maybe I’m thinking about something wrong?

Thanks again for my favorite note app hands-down. — Dan

Oh - ps: I’m using “Version 14.1.1 (231) - Paddle” on Mac OS Ventura Dev Beta 3. I haven’t tested to see if this is an issue on the iOS / iPadOS side too but can do that if that would be helpful.

Thanks for posting this – I was just noticing the same issue in 14.1.1. I have a note attached to a weekly recurring event, and just scrolling through the calendar in the right sidebar causes the date on that note to jump forward several weeks, without my even touching the note.

I think that is expected behavior. The note just gets its date from the event as it currently is, so as the event changes date, I guess the note does too, including the ones from the past.

It’s kinda tricky, because the past event is actually gone, right?

That sounds like a bug. Do you see it often, or was it a one off?

I’ve only seen it with one particular note. I had created a note, then added an event to it due the day I created it, and finally I changed the event in Fantastical 3 to make it a recurring weekly event with no end date. When I returned to the note it was now associated to a date three weeks in the future.

I can reproduce this behavior.

@drewmccormack should I first create recurring events in Fantastical (or Calendar) and then add a note and assign that note to the first instance of the recurring event? I find the process of using notes associated with instances of recurring events a bit confusing.

Totally agree this could be tricky so wanted to check the behavior. With repeating events, the original event is still “there” - it’s still on my calendar for each instance of the repeating event. So from my perspective, the most recent occurance of the repeating event shouldn’t change dates on notes taken for past occurrences of the repeating event, if that makes sense.