Reminders not removed


Noticed that reminders are still in the calendar list/view after they’re completed. It’s like the list doesn’t refresh.
When I restart Agenda, they’re gone.


Is this on iOS or Mac? And are you using the native calendar app or a third party one? And with iCloud lists?

It’s iOS (phone and pad) and I’m using native apps with iCloud.

Very likely the problem is the scheduling that iOS does, it not always informs 3rd party apps immediately of all changes. We’ll see if there’s a way to make it wake up faster.


I have the same issue that I have observed at least on iOS. After moving reminders to a different date (even from today to tomorrow) or after completing the reminder it’s still not updated or removed from timeline in Agenda.

What I have noticed is that if I tap on the calendar icon at the top of the timeline and just select today’s date to apply a filter on today, that somehow “refreshes” the data and the reminders are either moved or removed (if marked completed) based on their updated status. After clearing the filter the timeline is up to date.

iOS: 16.4
Agenda: 17.0.2

Ok, that’s helpful info, we’ll take a look.

Which does not work here. A cold restart does.

Hello! I also have this problem after the last update (when a new feature was added). The app and iOS version is the same as the user above.

We didn’t make any changes in this area, more likely it’s related to an update Apple posted to iOS (assuming you are on iOS 16.4?)

I’m having issues with reminders right after updating the app. Then you released 2 more updates over the next two days, I thought that would fix the bug. At that moment I had version ios 16.3 and ipadOS 16.3. Yesterday I upgraded to version 16.4 :face_with_peeking_eye:

Sorry to have not mentioned this before but I’m running the latest public betas on iPad, -Phone (and Mac).

Same on latest macOS with Ventura on a M1 machine!

Since I updated to the latest bèta’s, the problem seems to have disappeared.

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Good to hear!

Can I ask everyone in this thread whether this is still an issue after updating to iOS/iPadOS 16.5 and/or macOS 13.4?

Yes. Happening again.

Hi! Unfortunately, I still have this problem :frowning_face:
iOS and iPad iOS 16.5. I do not know the version of the application, but there are no updates to the application in the AppStore. So the latest.

On Mac? It works for me here just fine, could you record a small movie demo-ing this and send it to Same on iOS for you @kononov.fil ?