Reminders not removed

Sorry, made a mistake, changing my original message.
It’s on iOS
And it’s still going on.
So I made a new Reminder in the R-app. It’s not a “repeater” and just has “Test 3” and today’s date in it.
It doesn’t pop up in Agenda. Even if I scroll through the Calendar window and stuff, it doesn’t.
Now I force-quit Agenda, start it again and there it is.
So now I complete it in Agenda but it doesn’t disappear, although it’s not in the Reminders app anymore.
Force-quit and restart Agenda, problem solved.

I recorded a video and sent it to your email address. Unlike Rob, I have had this problem all the time and haven’t gone away for several months.

Thanks both, good news, I’ve managed to reproduce the issue and have made a number of improvements that I have good hopes will solve things. Let me know if this is indeed the case once Agenda 18 is out.

Thanks Alex!

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