Relative dates

I have notes that will always ‘tomorrow’ (so tomorrow they won’t be ‘today’ but still ‘tomorrow’).
Right now I use ‘On the Agenda’ for this, which works so far. But the notes won’t be sorted to the top of the list.

To clarify:
I use Agenda as a todo list where I have one note with upcoming todos.
Everything I do today will appear in a note assigned to today. So I can track the upcoming todos and check when I completed a task.

So I either need a method to pin notes or give them a relative date to the current date.


I see your point though, I call those notes “Next”. I think pinning is indeed the solution to those, it’s on our list of things we’d like to add.

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Update: Today’s 2.0 update allows you to pin important notes or a description at the top of the project (requires the premium features):


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Very nice. But I don’t see the update yet. Probably the AppStore is just too slow…

Yeah, can take up to 24hrs to propagate, should arrive soon…