Rearranging Categories and Projects


At the moment it seems that it isn’t possible to rearrange projects within categories (you can drag them around but it always comes up with a :no_entry_sign: and then returns to the original position) and also categories themselves. This would be a very useful and much appreciated feature for Agenda I feel. I would also very much appreciate any help if this feature already exists; I am just starting out with this wonderful app. Many thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we plan to do this.


Hi Drew,

Do you know approximately when this might be released? Thanks.

No, I’m afraid software predictions are notoriously difficult to make. We can probably predict reasonably well when our next project will ship (better undo, in about a week or two), but far beyond that is very difficult.

You can see it is in our major projects list here: The features we are working on right now…

Second this one!